Arizona Motorsports Park Recap April 9th 2016 NASA-AZ

Saturday April 9th the NASA-AZ gang descended on Arizona Motorsports Park for a day of Time Trial, Racing and HPDE.  We got a very lucky hole in the weather with rain showers both Friday and Sunday.  But on Saturday it was cool, clear and the track had dried.


And what a great track it is.  By far the best track within the Phoenix area and certainly a top track in Arizona.  The asphalt is in great shape, curbs are well defined and the tarmac is large and well designed.  There is a noise limit, but I was able to get well under the noise limit with just a scabbed-on Camry muffler which I can remove and install in 5 minutes.   I swear I think the car was faster WITH the muffler.

Amp 480

Driving a very quiet race car was an interesting experience.  For me it was my first time at AMP so the first few sessions were dedicated to learning the layout after watching videos online.  As I became more familiar it was clear that I was starting to hear some “problems” with my car!  Clanking, Banging and various other noises.  Thanks to this newfound clarity I isolated several minor issues to be corrected.  Bonus!

Here is a video of NASA’s Aaron Hiar in a Time Trial session which gives a good view of the track.

A big welcome to our newest cadre of drivers in their first NASA-AZ HPDE track day:  Andrew Hahn, Chris Boodram, Chris Burcar, Jason Swearingen, Joshua Jackson, Matthew Hollenback, Michael Glancy, Miguel McDowell, Robert Patton and Tom Schmidt.  It was great to have you all with us and we hope you come back for some more.


Time Trial results are fresh:

Race Group results will be officially posted shortly:

Our next NASA race is in California May 14th and 15th at the historic AutoClub Speedway hosted by NASA-SOCAL.  Hoping for a big showing so try to register as soon as possible here:

oh not again~

oh not again~


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Edits and comments:   PS… Always glad to get input from other classes and drivers that want to help expand the information in the recap.  Pictures, notes, assistance, editing are always appreciated!