Clockwise! NASA Wild Horse Pass November 2015

Clockwise at Wild Horse Pass West?  Can’t be done.  Won’t be fun.  Unsafe!!  12122895_1037771306273516_4376414385314932901_n

Well, the results are in and indeed NASA worked with the management of Wild Horse Pass track to reconfigure the West track for clockwise operations.  This is a NASA first and every person said they liked it even BETTER!  We had a pretty darn good turnout for this nice cool weather with well over 100  participants including 10 first time HPDE1 attendees!


Welcome to our future racers:  Michael Fain, Thomas Griepentrog (must be related…), Nate Jonovich, Steve Maxey, Scott Peterson, Michael Shaw, Justin Smith, Philip Thomas and Matthew Thompson.  Hope you will join us again for the next event and continue the experience.


This was a points event for all our regular classes.  HPDE 2 was well attended with about 23 entrants, with DE3 and DE4 both with around 15.  As always the local Time Trial group was large and varied with over 30 entrants and a solid 20+ Race entrants for combined races.  11 signed up for the UMS Tuning Time Attack series.

12195864_1037764676274179_7451500454401433443_nThanks to Adina Evanson for all the great pics:  More on the NASA AZ Facebook page.

As of writing this Recap not all the results are official and posted, but keep an eye on the NASA-AZ website for official release and update of Season Points as we head into the final event at Arizona Motorsports Park on December 5th 2015.


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Edits and comments:  [email protected]   PS… Always glad to get input from other classes and drivers that want to help expand the information in the recap.  Pictures, notes, assistance, editing are always appreciated!