FIR West Night Event Recap

On August 24th, the bayou at Firebird International Raceway welcomed NASA AZ to its West track for a unique event. Unlike the past, drivers would no longer have to wait for the once a year night event to race under the lights. While NASA officials had planned for a slightly cooler than usual summer event by eliminating the sun, there was one thing that could not be accounted for. With temperatures only dropping as low as 80, and paired with a peak humidity of 74%, the nights were muggy to say the least. Regardless, drivers showed up in full force to race under the lights of Firebird West and closeout the summer with some fun.

FIR West Recap Cover

Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Race Group


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Small Bore

With anticipation high, racers pulled to the start finish line. As the green flag was unfurled, Team LBR jumped the start only to be bombarded by the Honda Challenge field as the flag went waving. With no sweat off their brow, literally, Team LBR was quick to react but not before #21 Eric Dayton would lead the HC drivers into the first turn. Qualifying 1st in the 944 Spec class, Dave Hauck held his lead for several laps. Behind him swarmed a pack of 944 cars driving closely together with only Pete Dimuzio starting to close the gap. Honda Challenge was split into two races. The first race was between Team LBR and Eric Dayton, and the second being between Doug Evans and Leland Forbes. After several laps, Team LBR found their chance to regain the lead and turned the straight away into a drag race. This move would prove successful as the pass was accomplished moving them into the lead where Team LBR would finish for the win. In 944 Spec, the group began bunching up. Team looking advance positions, bumped Dave Hauck for a pass that would be short-lived. In the end it was Pete Dimuzio holding his lead followed by Dave Hauck in 2nd and Stephen Marlow in 3rd.

Small Bore Results


1st – Justin Markiewicz


1st – Jim Richard

944 Spec

1st – Pete Dimuzio

2nd – Dave Hauck

3rd – Stephen Marlow

Honda Challenge H2

1st – Team LBR

2nd – Eric Dayton

3rd – Douglas Evans


1st – Jorge Diaz


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Big Bore

Big Bore qualifying would lead to an interesting start for the race. Mark Alger would start from the back and despite qualifying first, Team did not make grid. With the drop of the green flag, Alger came blasting from the back, straight to the front of the pack. Within laps Team was working their way one position at a time to catch Alger in the lead. The largest group, PT-A, was led by Jeremy Renshaw, but Matthew Seech was not far behind. Within laps Team was right on the bumper of Alger and wasted no time taking the pass for the lead. By the middle of the race, the weather was playing a major factor on both cars and drivers as many pulled to the hot pits, some not returning to the race. With only laps left, Renshaw found himself behind the PT-A group. His quick driving would regain multiple positions but it would not be enough and Matthew Seech would take advantage of the opportunity for the PT-A win.

Small Bore Results


1st – Team

2nd – Michael Papworth


1st – Mark Alger


1st – Matthew Seech

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw

3rd – Brian Turner


1st – Bob Gottlieb


1st – Bryan McCormick


1st – Martin Saltzman


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Time Trial Friday

Fridays Time Trial drivers from TT-U were right on top of the TT-R drivers. TT-R leader Team ran a 1:02.164 with Anthony Szirka just behind them with a 1:03.866. TT-U Leader Mark Alger always taking it to the top narrowly missed the leading time with a 1:02.424 followed by Ken Gerhart with a 1:03.823. TT-A driver Robert Smithson was flying on Friday running a 1:06.413, good for 1st place. Jeremy Renshaw was just behind him with a 1:06.470. TT-D was just as close with the top drivers separated by tenths of a second. Robert Rose ran a 1:07.801 narrowly beating Marc McCombs 1:07.924.


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Friday Time Trial Results


1st – Team Arizona – 1:02.164

2nd – Anthony Szirka – 1:03.866

3rd – Jim Harris – 1:07.587


1st – Mark Alger – 1:02.424

2nd – Ken Gerhart – 1:03.823

3rd – Kent Porter – 1:04.358


1st – Gabe Ortega – 1:07.870


1st – Robert Smithson – 1:06.413

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:06.470

3rd – Ravi Tomerlin – 1:07.199


1st – David Schotz – 1:06.300

2nd – Joel Schotz – 1:10.913

3rd – Jason Griepentrog – 1:11.418


1st – Aaron Hiar – 1:10.670

2nd – David Snyder – 1:11.696


1st – Robert Rose – 1:07.801

2nd – Marc McCombs – 1:07.924

3rd – Jeff Abrams – 1:08.586


1st – Brad Lundahl – 1:11.641


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Time Trial Saturday

Officials increased visibility on Saturday night, which may have been the cause for even faster times than Friday. TT-R’s Anthony Szrika chasing time found multiple seconds running a 1:01.994 with his newly prepped Mitsubishi Evolution. Mark Alger upped the ante running a 1:01.573 in TT-U. Robert Smithson and Jeremy Renshaw were back for a repeat of Friday at the front of TT-A. This time Renshaw led with a 1:06.190 with Smithson putting down a 1:06.242. Never one to be outdone, Jeff Abrams mixed it up in TT-D with the top 3 drivers each within tenths of each other once again. Abrams 1:07.422 was good for 1st place. Marc McCombs ran a 1:07.440 for 2nd and Robert Rose’s 1:07.585 awarded him 3rd.


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

Time Trial Results Saturday


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:01.994

2nd – Jim Harris – 1:06.886

3rd – Phillip Buffington – 1:07.417


1st – Mark Alger – 1:01.573

2nd – Taylor Wilson – 1:04.117

3rd – Russell Whelan – 1:05.020


1st – Gabe Ortega – 1:10.77.


1st – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:06.190

2nd – Robert Smithson – 1:06.242

3rd – Ravi Tomerlin – 1:07.645


1st – David Schotz – 1:05.907

2nd – Joel Schotz – 1:09.957

3rd -Jason Griepentrog – 1:11.295


1st – David Snyder – 1:10.371

2nd – Aaron Hiar – 1:11.221


1st – Jeff Abrams – 1:07.422

2nd – Marc McCombs – 1:07.440

3rd – Robert Rose – 1:07.585


1st – Nathan Welbourne – 1:12.121

2nd – Brad Lundahl – 1:18.913


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

UMS Tuning Time Attack Series

As with any NASA AZ event, UMS Tuning Time Attack drivers were out in full forced, including a few new faces. Despite the drain the weather was putting on everyone, times were separated by less than a second. Given the options within the rules this is always impressive to see. Here is how each driver stood up to the competition.

UMS Tuning Time Attack Results


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:01.930

2nd – Taylor Wilson – 1:04.347

3rd – Russell Whelan – 1:05.371


1st – Robert Smithson – 1:05.324

2nd – Markos Mylonas – 1:06.703

3rd – Ravi Tomerlin – 1:07.278


1st – Jeff Abrams – 1:08.504

2nd – Stenos Wijaya – 1:09.694

3rd – Dave McCombs – 1:09.705


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina


With almost every group sold out, HPDE drivers were eager to show what they could do under the lights of the Firebird West track. With packed run groups, the drivers managed to keep the track and sessions clean. It was great to see all the drivers having fun. With rotors glowing showing they were not scared to push the limits on track, we cannot wait to see these drivers continue to advance into the ranks of Time Trial and Race Group.


Photos by: Action Photography by Selina

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* Competition School
* Race Groups

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Written By: Taylor “Dr. Koby D” Wilson

Edited By: Travis Barnes

Photos by: Action Photography by Selina