NASA WHP East Recap March 5&6 2016

Good morning Drivers!  Hoping everybody had a great time at our last event a few weeks ago at Wild Horse Pass East marking a successful 1st Quarter of 2016 NASA driving action.  It was an action packed weekend at our local track with all race and training groups well attended.


As always we like to send a special thanks to our new Cadre of HPDE1 drivers for coming out and driving with us.  All reports were glowing with some future Time Trial and Race drivers in that group!   Thanks to Nicholas Bocchicchio, Vlad Gordiyenko, Clifford Hicks, Jon Hight, Brandon Ideen, Leo Kalisz and Tyler Michelson.

Micro managing the engine start...

Micro managing the engine start…

UMS Tuning Time Attack results are updated:

Time Trial results are fresh:

Race Group results are Officially Posted!

Arizona Motorsports Park is our next event in less than 2 weeks!  April 9th for a single day, see the official details here.    This is a local Arizona track that many of us have never even been to, myself included.  I was able to use an iPhone app to measure my sound levels at 50 feet from the drivers door and with about $100 bucks in muffler bits got my car to pass for Race Group.  We are very spoiled to have as many tracks as we do in close proximity compared to other NASA regions so I hope everyone can spend a little time to make a setup that works for this track.


Register ASAP and join us at AMP:



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Edits and comments:  [email protected]   PS… Always glad to get input from other classes and drivers that want to help expand the information in the recap.  Pictures, notes, assistance, editing are always appreciated!