NASA April 2015 WHP-West

Wildhorse Pass, Chandler AZ hosted the April NASA event April 11 and 12 of 2015 for one of our last events prior to summer vacation and rebuild time.  NASA-AZ hasn’t been to the WHP West track since 2014 and while it is the smallest track we visit it does have a superb paddock and viewing area.  Not much has changed at this track but I do see some activity at other parts of the track and on this weekend the East track and Drag Strip were all in operation.  It’s good news to see activity here.

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On to the show!


HPDE4 had another successful weekend.  No incidents or issues.  Drivers were given 3 quick drills each morning to help them wake up and get their brains in sync with their cars.  Drivers reported getting into the groove quicker and feeling more aware at the start of the 1st session.  On Sunday DE3 and DE4 were combined and made for extremely impressive session as all the drivers worked together and shared the track with one another.

HPDE4 Driver Jon Davies who had demonstrated great character and attitude all weekend was rewarded with a free entry into the UMS Time Attack.  He didn’t disappoint by taking 3rd in his debut in TA!

For HC2, Steven Williams with Backwards Logic Racing built a new car since the last event at WHP East.  He brought the car after the first practice session.  His driver Robert Rose made the cars debut in qualifying, taking 2nd place by .3 seconds.  In the race he took the outside line at the start, held it to turn 8 and then took the lead for the win in a car that had arrived to the track and made its debut just hours before.  Well done!!

Michael Hanshew in his new Fox Body

Michael Hanshew in his new Fox Body

HPDE1 is a very important part of NASA and we are greatly appreciative of the following drivers who have taken the plunge into competitive road racing: Justin Bayliss, Vince Burbes, Thomas Burke, Carlos Cardenas, Kevin Espiritu, Michael Hanshew, Gregory Hladysh, Damon Humphries, David Hunter, Aaron Jones, Maximillian Master, Ronald Matthis, Kenny Mons, Steve Ramirez, Daniel Schlueter, Edward Seok, Tony Thomas and Eric Underwood.   It is very important to us that you had a good time and we want you to return for another event. If you have any comments or suggestions or need some guidance on how to move forward please email me: and thanks again for coming out!

UMS Tuning Time Attack

14 participants ran the Time Attack session on Sunday (  Michael Kasdorf had the fastest overall time and led TA-B.  Sally McNulty led the TA-C group followed by Russ Whelan in the Nissan GTR.  Jay Ronquillo topped the TA-A times and with 4 cars in TA-R the leader was Chris McAra followed by Clayton Paplaczyk

Time Trial

Our Time Trial event featured the return of some seasoned vets including Tony Szirka and Tage Evanson taking 1st and 2nd respectively on Sat and then swapping places on Sun in TTU.  Nice to have the Evo back and Tage on track in anything with race tires on it.


Jeremy Renshaw set a track record for TT2 and Team Schotz with a blistering time of 1:03.478 in a TTC car!  Eric Jacobson dominated TTF,  Team Whiskey Business was fastest in TTE on Sunday and Chris Ambrosio in TTD followed by the NASA AZ Race Director Paul Bloomberg among many other excellent runs throughout the weekend.

Full results and scores are posted:

Race Group

Big Bore and Small Bore races were combined on both days due to attendance numbers and popular demand.  This type of format may be more common the remainder of 2015 unless the car counts trigger the split.  Its good practice anyways!  Speak with your Series Director if you prefer to see different formats or different schedules for the weekend days.

That Viper!  If you haven’t seen the video:

Thanks for bringing that car out.

The Saturday race was led by that insane Viper with Ritch Marziale slicing up the field.  There were some good “learning opportunities” in this race to review flags and safety procedures and restarts.  It’s not something that happens every weekend thankfully so an occasional review of the CCRs on flags and special circumstances is a great idea.  When the dust settled our winner was Ritch Marziale in the Viper turning sub 1 minute times, Brian Turner in ST2, Erik Davis in ST3, Team Backwards Logic in HC2, Marty Saltzman in GTS3, Hal Dunn in PTC, Norm Hamden in 944 and James Sample in the red PTE Rx7.


Sunday was another Combined race but without the mighty Viper on the pole and instead the Stock car of Jim Harris leading the pack to a 1st place Podium finish (his first).  Congrats Jim!  Merv Tan drove the blue Honda to victory in the Small Bore race, cutting up traffic lap after lap.  It was great to watch you setting up your passes in the same places lap after lap.  Nice work!!

And that wraps up the recap of April 2015 racing with NASA.


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Edits and comments:   PS… Always glad to get input from other classes and drivers that want to help expand the information in the recap.  Pictures, notes, assistance, editing are always appreciated!



NASA March 2015 WHP-East

Wildhorse Pass East track hosted the Arizona Region of NASA on March 7 and 8, 2015 for a full weekend of training and racing.  It was hot!  Or at least it felt hot in the afternoons.  Our mornings were cool and dry but the afternoon rays sunburned many of us.


Not many changes to the familiar East track this round, but it’s certainly a convenient venue.  Our next NASA event marks our first return to the West track in 2015.   Register early as the number of events prior to the summer heat is rapidly winding down.

Registration for April’s event:

NOTE:  We have had a number of changes to the published schedule this year and advise all members to keep an eye on the official schedule for updates:   Also keep an eye on the forums to learn all sorts of interesting inner workings of our dynamic organization:  (make sure to give us your Name and Car details  in your forum signature so we can spot you in the paddock).

We’ve seen a lot of new faces on track lately, remember there is a discount available for new drivers: Special Offer: Anyone who has never driven at a NASA event can get 25% off their entry fee! To get the discount use this promo code at the time of registration “AZCH19FV14”. NOTE: In order for the code to be valid, it must be their first time running with NASA.



Another strong group in HPDE this time with 17 new drivers signed up for DE1, 19 drivers for DE2, 23 for DE3 and a whopping 27 in HPDE4.  Thanks for the great participation!

As usual the new drivers are the heart of our organization and we thank the following for coming out for their first “hit” on track with NAZA-AZ: Richard Arthur IV, Brandon Casto, Scott Cleinman, Lucas Hayhurst, Damon Humphries, Josh Hunter, Brett Innocenti, Mark Johnson, Mark MacLeod, Jonathan Madonia, Jesse Martinez, Zac Moore, Aaron Osoy, Patrick Ramirez, Steven Reedholm, Chris Senkow, Danny Shaffer.

Love this car.

Love this car.

I also got a note from Merv Tan that a number of drivers moved up from DE2 to DE3 which is a big step.  Congrats to Tim Bushnell , Michael Hillard, Robert LaCoste,  Michael Pearce,  Cable Rosenberg, Trent Tanner and Eddie Kobziak.


We ran our standard classes of Small Bore and Big bore cars once again.  Saturday ran two separate classes of racing for Small Bore and Big bore.  I can apologize in advance for dumping some nice fresh Redline 75w90 gear oil on the track late Saturday afternoon when my differential sprung a leak and got me a black flag.


Note to drivers, pay special attention to the corner workers just prior to the Track-Off point as you will most likely be served your Black Flag there to facilitate an easy exit from the track.

Sunday was a combined Small Bore and Big Bore race and I personally think these are a whole lot more fun since there are just more cars and more opportunities for learning and passing in these.  Congrats to Drew Wadolny for dropping the 1 and getting his 59, an ST2 track record, Sunday Pole and being a good sport overall!

Congratulations to our overall winners of the weekend; Tim Rollins, Team LBR, Ron Ballard and Norm Hamden.

Click here for full and official results. 


Time Trial is the logical competition move after HPDE and with upwards of 40 competitors it is a very well attended group.  In Time Trial you get a chance to really push you and your equipment about as hard as you can without going “4 off” or spinning into a DQ.  It’s a great time to expand your skills.

Under the leadership of Jeremy Renshaw there were over 40 entrants signed up for the Time Trial sessions.  Erik Davis on his eternal quest for 58s took the fastest lap on Satureday at 59.206.  Team Schotz and Hal Dunn led the TTC group in a Corvette and race-prepped Scion respectively.  Sunday was close to a repeat except for Zach Niemeyer in 2nd place of TTC behind Team Schotz with Jeff Abrams close on his heels.

Please visit the NASA Timing and Scoring sight here for official results from Saturday.

Sunday Time Trial results are posted here.



The UMS Tuning Time Attack series had 16 competitors in 4 run groups.  The Time Attack series always showcases a wide variety of cars including front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, normally aspirated and boosted machines.  Tucson’s own Jay Ronquillo had the best time in TA-A. Michael Kasdorf turned the fastest lap in TA-B, Steven Powers in TA-C and Chris Mcara running the TA-R group.

Click here for full results are posted online.



14 cars signed up for the Drift sessions. A few notable Drift cars included Chris Soehren s monster V8 powered car and a very unique mini-van with a whole lot more power than it should have.  Great fun watching these high powered cars smoke tires all the way around the track.

Maintenance reminder: Racing is violent and abusive to our cars.  A tech reminder is to spend a day on jack stands before the event and put a IMG_0009wrench on every single nut and bolt on the car’s suspension and drivetrain.  There are also several compounds that can be used to make a witness mark on the fastener to quickly see what has moved and what is stationary.  We have always used a product called “Torque Seal” on aircraft and it would work just fine on any car, available by mail order usually:

That’s about it for now.  Get signed up for the April event ASAP so we can start configuring the run groups early:

Additionally the 2nd ever NASA West Coast Nationals is coming up real fast at the world famous Laguna Seca Raceway July 31 to August 2nd.  I’ll be doing everything I can to rearrange my schedule to drive at this amazing track:


See ya on track soon!


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Edits and comments:   PS… Always glad to get input from other classes and drivers that want to help expand the information in the recap.  Pictures, notes, assistance, editing are always appreciated!


NASA-AZ Chuckwalla February 2015

NASA-AZ and Chuckwalla Valley Raceway was the venue for our second event of the Arizona racing season on February 7 and 8 of 2015.  An easy 3 hour drive from Phoenix this sprawling track is one of our finest destination tracks for all classes of racing.  Hosted by NASA-AZ, this event also draws heavily from the NASA Socal community and was packed with drivers of all levels.

Nasa Cali

Planning and preparation are the keys to a great event and these destination races increase that effort significantly.  From food preparation to water and tire services the employees and volunteers made a massive effort this weekend and didn’t miss a beat.  From all the drivers and spectators:  a Big thanks!

The Chuckwalla track ( is 2.68 miles in length, 40 feet wide with 17 turns, multiple elevation changes, black and yellow roll curb and safe operations both clockwise and counterclockwise with plenty of free space to exit track if needed.  There is a giant paddock area and a well appointed shower and restroom facility.  Thanks to Micky Grana and his team for keeping the facility in such great shape and being tremendous hosts.

After the obligatory early morning All Drivers meeting each of the driving groups splits off to plan for the day.  In addition to our regular cadre of new and repeat HPDE drivers this event also hosted a Lotus group and a Competition School for those interested in moving up to more advanced timed events, Race Group, Time Trials and Time Attack sessions.

Competition School

Thanks to the added car counts from NASA Socal a Competition School was held at this event for those drivers that chose to spend the weekend advancing their skills.  The Competition school is a mix of classroom and driving sessions with a heavy emphasis on safety, CCR knowledge and general car handling and racing logistics.

Congratulations to the following participants, look forward to seeing you on the track soon:

Tim Bucklin, Jean-Luc De Fanti, Victor DeLaFuente, Gerald DeLira, David DePillo, Joseph DePillo, Andrea Hauck, Bob Michaels, Max Panchuk, Jet Patel, Steven Patrick, Daryl Staehle, Eli Villa, Phillip Wilkowski, Dustin Zahursky and Bob Zurcher.

 Race Group

Race Group had a large field in both run groups and ran separate small-bore and big-bore races both Saturday and Sunday.    The Chuckwalla track provides plenty of opportunity for passing and tactics due to several decent elevation changes and that big wide bowl.  Evenings were cool but the days warmed up and those with personal cooling equipment were looking for bags of ice as the afternoon races drew closer.

Clay Koevary won pole position for the Saturday Big Bore race while Bob Blizzard took the honor on Sunday and both subsequently won the respective race of that day.  Team Backwards Logic took the Saturday pole in the Small Bore race with Steven Powers the first across the checkered flag.  In Sunday’s Small Bore qualifying Hal Dunn took the pole and won the race later that afternoon.  Nice work Hal!

Results for each group can be found here:


Another  great turnout for the HPDE program with a fresh batch of DE1 qualified drivers and numerous drivers moving up into DE2, DE3 and DE4.  We are especially thankful to have new first time participants getting started and wish to acknowledge and thank the following for making the trek for this great event:   Michael Barkley, Roberta Braden, Dennis Foster, Lisa Gomolka, Chris Guthrie, Michael Hillard, Allen Lai, Chi Lam Leung, Jason Moore, Julie Shugarman, Spencer Wright

Ulrich Szirka, preparing for his upcoming Comp School,  along with several others moved into HPDE2. Congrats to all the drivers that moved up a class.

Time Attack

UMS Tuning Time Attack sessions were held Sunday afternoon as many participants were already starting to pack up for the drive home, these die hards just kept lapping the track.  Steven Powers set his fastest lap in the first session followed by Robert Smithson, Jeff Abrams, Nick Rosenberry and Eric Kennel.    Session #2 featured Michael Kasdorf at 2:05.875 in lap #2 followd by Justin Markiewicz, Greg Gomolka, Jaryd Ronquillo (but really that’s just Jroc), Team Beer:30, Russ Whalan, Roger Browning and Sean Moro.

Full results are posted for discussion:

Time Trials

Time Trial ran split run groups both Saturday and Sunday except for the final afternoon combined session later in the afternoon.    After an extended absence, Tucson’s Clay Koevary returned to spit out some of the fastest racing times of the weekend in his Porsche taking the top spot in Time Trials on both days  with a best time of 1:50.614.  I bet that elusive 1:49 was frustrating for him.  The top spots in TT results are basically a “Whose Who” from NASA Big Bore racing but with nearly 40 competitors there are a huge variety of lap times and results to review.  Thanks as always to Nikki and the T&S team for getting results posted:

Saturday Time Trials results:

Sunday Time Trials results:


We are lucky to have Cali Photography at this event and thank them for the use of the header image in this article.  Take a look at all their great pictures from this and many other events on their website:

Safety is a #1 priority with NASA and we tend to focus on Track safety but we all need to remember that an accident in the paddock can be far worse and requires constant vigilance.  Wrenches slip, cars fall off jacks, fire is always a concern.  Sometimes we end up working on our cars alone and if something bad happens it could take time for help to arrive.  Keep an eye on each other.  If you see a car supported without jackstands or any situation that looks perilous, just walk over and offer to lend a hand, you’ll probably make a friend in the process.  And  as my older brother always used to say:  “Don’t hit yourself”…


 Whats next??:  March 7 & 8 we are back to Wild Horse Pass East track,  Registration is OPEN!



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