Time Trial

When HPDE4 drivers are ready for competition they can choose either wheel to wheel racing or “Time Trial” (or both!). Time Trial is ran similar to an HPDE group where multiple cars are on track at the same time in an open passing environment but with a few distinct differences in that vehicles are assigned a grid spot based on their lap time (fastest in pole position with the slowest in the back), all cars are properly classed and lap times are provided for each session.  The fastest lap from any session that day (assuming you don’t spin or go off track) is your official competition time for the event.
Unlike most other organizations that severely limit competitors or classing modifications, NASA’s Time Trial (TT) series allows competitors to choose how they build their car and what modifications to perform. Each modification is assessed a set number of points and the more mods the higher the class. It’s that simple!
NASA Arizona’s Time Trial competition season lasts from Jan-Dec each year locally as well as the opportunity to compete Nationally at the NASA National Championships each year where they can go up against the best of the best in the country across 15 NASA regions!  NASA TT competitors are eligible for the coveted NASA Arizona Champion jacket as well as many contingency awards such as free tires, brake pads, gift certs, discounts and more!
In total, there are nine Time Trial classes, evenly separated by the vehicles power to weight ratio and/or the points associated with each vehicle modification .  Awards are provided to our top 3 finishers at each of the regional events.  To compete in NASA TT, a driver must obtain a NASA National TT License, which requires the driver to be an advanced level driver or racer before they may apply for a Time Trial License.


What is the process to get my Time Trial License?

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the NASA HPDE program (or equivalent) and have a fair amount of experience in HPDE4 (i.e. Advanced group with open passing)
  2. Fully read and understand all Time Trial rules and properly class your car (https://drivenasa.com/rules)
  3. Ensure you have selected a unique car number @ http://forums.nasaaz.com/showthread.php?t=3171
  4. Obtain a recommendation from the HPDE4 Group Leader to apply for a NASA Time Trial License (https://drivenasa.com/http:/www.drivenasa.com/images/rules-forms/Time-Trial-License.pdf)
  5. Submit your application to the local NASA AZ office.  NOTE:  Applications will be approved by the local office pending steps 1-4 were properly followed

If you are an HPDE4 driver but have not received sign off from the Group Leader (i.e.  “Step 3”) but you feel you are ready for Time Trial, you may be allowed to sign up for HPDE4 but be allowed to run in the Time Trial group as your “evaluation weekend”.  At the end of the weekend, the Time Trial Co-Director(s) will either accept your application or require more seat time in HPDE4 before applying again.