Bit of a Tank Slapper

NASA Arizona driver Jim Shepard had a front-row seat to a tank slapper as he exited “the bowl” at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center, Calif. As the track rises through the left hander out the bowl, grip goes away, as demonstrated by Louis Verloop, the driver in the Miata in front of Shepard. Verloop gathered it up, then demonstrated excellent awareness and didn’t try to re-enter the track too quickly. Well done, guys.
Jim Shepard’s TT4 Honda S2000
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Targa Rally Expands Schedule for 2020

Did you know that NASA sanctions events that feature tours of some of the best roads in the country for vintage car owners? NASA is proud to present something a little different from its track events with the Targa Rally series of events.
Headed by Dave Bouzaglou, Targa Rally tour events are for classic-era sports cars, and are held over three to four days in various regions of the country. These non-competitive events are about enthusiasts enjoying some of the best back roads behind the wheel of their vintage rides.
All makes of cars are eligible as long as they meet the 1975 and older era style. Continuation models that are the same body style as the pre-1975 model and replicas such as Cobra kit cars also are accepted.
Targa Rally has expanded its schedule for this 2020 with the following dates:
Targa Arizona, March 18 – 21
Targa California, June 10-13
Targa Colorado, Sept. 10-13


NASA SoCal Spec Miata Kicks Off 2020 at Arizona Crossover Event

A field of 25 Spec Miata competitors kicked off 2020 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in February. Setting fast lap, Team Just Send it posted the fast lap in qualifying and started from pole, followed by Hannah Grisham.
Team Just Send it got the jump from pole and defended from start to finish, taking the win, with Grisham in second, SoCal’s Eric Slivkoff in third, Blake Minasian in fourth and Chase Gilhart in fifth.
For qualifying on Sunday, Grisham posted the fast lap, but stayed out and kept in touch with her crew in the event she was outpaced. The strategy worked and Grisham started from pole with SoCal’s Ryan Pond in second.
When Sunday’s green flag flew, Grisham and Pond ran side by side for several turns until Pond finally gained the advantage and took the lead. The two worked to build a small gap over Austin Edwards.
About halfway through the race, Grisham


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