Performance Touring

Normally, the purpose of these “Class Syllabus” stories is to give you a good idea of what a class is all about without having to dig through a rulebook, and normally you can understand a class pretty well after reading one. However, for Performance Touring, you must be intimate with the rulebook to be successful. That said, let this installment of “Class Syllabus” serve as an overview.
“The big thing about PT, it’s very open bringing what you have and being able to class it,” said PT and TT National Director Greg Greenbaum. “A lot of people didn’t have a spec car or didn’t have a car that fit into those other rules, and we purposely designed a series where you could bring just about any car, whether it had a motor swap or whether it had significant modifications or no modifications and get them to be able to class fairly


He’s Better Than I Ever Was

Athletes spend much of their lives trying to master a sport, dreaming of being the best they can be, never being satisfied when they don’t win the day. Racecar drivers are no different. They strive and labor relentlessly while attempting to master their sport. For a lucky few, there sometimes comes a day when they are bested by another competitor — except this time it’s one that makes them smile.
What circumstances would lead anyone to be happy to see his lap time bested, to be beaten by a better or more skilled driver, you ask? The answer is simple. It happens when a father sees that his own son has arrived on the racetrack. It’s these precious moments that bring a lump to his throat. At first it’s because he’s beaming with pride and excitement, but then there comes a time he begins to consider hanging up his own helmet


Exhaustive Research – When It Comes to Exhaust Outlets, Racecars Adhere to the Rule That Form Follows Function

Exhaust tips are a strange thing to take pictures of, you might think. To be honest, I admit that it is kind of strange, but whenever I go out into the field, with camera in hand, I end up taking at least a few pictures of the race exhaust setups I see. I’m drawn to them, and over the years, I’ve ended up with a bunch of them in my files.

If I think about why I shoot them, I’d have to say it’s for a few different reasons. One, the exhaust outlet of every car performs the same function, to evacuate the engine of its spent gases and release them into the atmosphere. Yet, depending on the application, the car on which it’s found, the kind of racing the car was designed for or even the track at which it is racing, the exhaust can take many different forms. It’s


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