NASA Spring Mountain Recap

NASA Arizona joined forces with NASA-Socal this first weekend in May for a crossover event at the sprawling Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, NV (    The event drew a wide variety of high performance cars for this first return to Spring Mountain for NASA-AZ in many years. photo14


The “Hunt Configuration” was approximately 3 miles of truly exceptional pavement with large and clearly marked curbs and an extremely smooth racing surface.  Just off track however the dirt is quite rocky and several parts of the track remained littered with rocks ranging from ½” to 1” in diameter… little ball bearings!    Track officials worked constantly to keep the track clear and did an exceptional job.  Most of the attendees had never been to this track before so everyone was learning.

NASA SOCAL, under the leadership of Ryan Flaherty, was the host for this event and conducted all the management and operational duties.  It was a nice glimpse to see how other NASA regions work and a reminder to how well our Arizona staff, volunteers and corner workers treat us.  We are lucky to have such a great team in Arizona.photo6

Pahrump is situated at about 3000’ elevation just Northwest of Las Vegas.  Approximately 350 miles from Phoenix the drive took anywhere from 5.5 to 7 hours depending on the vehicle and traffic.  It was downright warm all weekend.  Temperatures hovered in the 100f range and many found their cooling systems inadequate.  Luckily there was plenty of cold beverages in the paddock and evening temperatures were just about perfect.

 Just a reminder, the next Arizona event is a “DawnPatrol” at Bondurant’s west track early in the morning on May 31.  It’s a good time to do some test-n-tune or just get some additional seat time. 

–       Details:


The HPDE group at Spring Mountain was predominately populated with SOCAL drivers but some of our own local celebrities like Tim Weber and Canaan O’connell who tricked the timing system into a 2:22.578 on Saturday afternoon.

Tim Weber moved up from HPDE into Time Trial this weekend and shaved nearly 20 seconds from his lap times over the course of the weekend while learning a new car and course.  Make sure you checkout a nice write-up on one of NASAs newest up and coming racers in this latest issue of Speed News (Page 64 & 65):

For more HPDE action please note that the timing can be found here for the HPDE events:

Race Group- Saturday

NASA-Socal runs their race groups slightly differently than we are used to in Arizona so there was a lot to pay attention to in the Drivers meeting each day.    Socal uses A, B and C run groups with Group A including USTCC, Honda Challenge and MotolQ.  Group B consisted of the Spec classes for 944, e30 and Miata plus Performance Touring.  Group C is similar to our “Big Bore” with ST, SU, GTS and American Iron classes.


The show starts a little late on this Spring Mountain Saturday morning awaiting those people driving over from Vegas and the “ambo” to arrive and render the course safe to drive.   Race group Warm-up was done in 3 groups and all were finished around 10am as they day began to warm up.    All three run groups had completed Qualification by noon and we convened in the large clubhouse building for Race Group Meeting.


Grid lineup with SOCAL was different than AZ where we lineup purely according to lap times.  SOCAL grids the cars in class and then by time.  So the various groups like HC, PT and SpecE all lined up next to each other in grid spots in order of lap times.   All the starts and races went well enough and a few glitches would be ironed out the next day.  A bit of “contact” stopped the C-Group early with some unfortunate damage to a few cars, but all participants were home safe at the end of the weekend which is the primary goal.

For a more detailed look into the A-Group Honda Challenge competition see the following recap from Gabe Ortega:

Saturdays overall winners-

A Group: Daniel Akhrometsey, Andy Hope and Ken Adelberg

B Group: John Magnuson, Jim Hicks and Mike Rose

C Group: Greg Dalgarn, Ron Ballard and Tim Rollins

Saturday Official Results:

Race Group- Sunday

At Sundays race group meeting we ironed out a few logistics of the starts and the entire day progressed smoothly.  For most of us driving by now the track was feeling familiar and the slippery rocks were seeming to be reliably placed in certain designated corners.

For many the weather was a factor in the race with daytime temperatures nearing 100f and lots of talk the evening before about cooling concerns, timing pulls and sensor location and tricks.  As coolant temperatures increase most cars will begin to pull timing and limit power to help save the engine.  There are tricks to managing and avoiding this loss, but there are also risks of overheating and perforated head gaskets.  With a few events still planned for many of us over the summer this was a good indicator of what items to upgrade in the following weeks.

March competitors

Congratulations to the overall winners in each group below.  For detailed breakdown of victors by class please see the Results link below-

A Group: Daniel Akhrometsey, Brad McClure and Andrie Hartanto

B Group: John Magnuson, DJ Quint and Shawn Sampson

C Group: Michael von Quilich, Ed Chamock and Ron Ballard

Sunday’s Official Results:
Season Points:

Saturday Time Trial

Time Trial was scheduled for 4 sessions Saturday but an upset in the schedule prevented the final run group late in the afternoon. Over 40 competitors participated in the runs on Saturday laying down some impressive times.1546215_1423163104611529_5527577266677904833_n

Overall leaders for all of Saturday included Steve Nagel (2:19.416), Thorpe Logeman and Herve Bezard.

Broken out by class:

TT3: Steve Nagel, Thorpe Logeman and Herve Bezard

TT1: Dan Rose, Gary Felton and Russ Whalen

TTC: Andrew McKelvey, Team Greenbaum and Kam Urquhart

TT2: Derrin Griffin and Arthur Weber

TTU: Team Alfaleh, Doug Makishima and John Atkinson

TTB: Kelly Soske

TTD: John Magnuson, Robert Rose and Robert Strohmeyer

TTE: R&R Racing1

TTF: Need Speed Orozco, Ed Poss and Pramesh Ruparelia

Full results of Saturday’s TT race:


Sunday Time Trial

 Sunday ran a full complement of 4 sessions again with over 40 competitors late into the hot afternoon.  Russ Whalen worked tirelessly in his “camp” to fabricate new brake pads for his Skyline and get back into the action on Sunday-Nice work!


Overall leaders for Sunday were Thorpe Logeman (2:16.426), Steve Nagel and Herve Bezard.


Broken out by class:

TT3: Thorpe Logeman, Steve Nagel and Herve Bezard

TT1: John Bianchi, Dan Rose and Gary Felton

TT2: Derrin Griffin and Arthur Weber

TTC: Team Greenbaum, Team Schotz Racing and Jeff Abrams

TTU: John Atkinson, Team Alfaleh and Jim “Coz” Cozzolino

TTB: Kelly Soske

TTD: John Magnuson, Robert Rose and Robert Strohmeyer

TTE: R&R Racing 1

TTF: Need Speed Orozco, Ed Poss and Praamesh Ruparelia


Full results of Sunday’s TT race:

Join us at Wild Horse Pass- Bondurant West track in just a few weeks May:

Details of Bondurant West event:

NASAAZ Facebook:


Author:  Tom Johnson ( / 602-628-2701)

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Many thanks to Tage Evanson for spending most of the weekend changing tires and to Chris Dowers for jumping in an helping.  photo11

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Here is the rest of the story…  Getting to the tracks is half the fun, especially when you can sleep in the back of the RV enroute and watch friends climbing the hills behind you:










NASA Arizona Event Recap WildHorse Pass-East, March 2014

NASA Arizona returned to the Wild Horse Pass East Track (WHP) for an end of winter warm up.  The weather was perfect, if a bit warm, but more on that later!  Rumors continue to flow about the future of this great local facility ( and we can only hope that most of them come true resulting in a world class facility right in our own back yard.

The East track is a small, short knife shaped track with one long straight away and several short straight sections.  There is a small amount of elevation change in a few spots (talking a few feet…) but for the most part it is a flat track.  There are enough good passing zones and wider sections to fit several cars side by side and keep the action rolling.


For this event the NASA-AZ ( participants were paddocked outside of the track in a large parking area.  This made for much better access by visitors and a safer event without the need to pass through the track for guests.  Visibility to the track was just fine as spectators lined up along the northern edge of the track on the “The Hill” and were treated to some fine driving and a little rock throwing.


The April Event is right around the corner!  Get your cars turned and ready because we have another event coming up quickly back here at the Wild Horse Pass West track.  This next event is the weekend of April 5 and 6, 2014 and registration and details can be found here: We hope to see another giant crowd from many different locations at the next event.  The Wast track is also hard on equipment so bleed those brakes and change those engines often!!

Saturday Small Bore Race Group

The Small Bore Qualifying run on Saturday set the tone with the first four cars of Valentin Ivanitski, Team Kit driven by Robert Rose, Leland Forbes the number 469 car of Team LBR all qualifying within a half second of each other! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Sprint race began with 16 cars on grid and was full of passing and good action including Leland Forbes falling back to 3rd after the start and patiently clawing back a spot to finish 2nd behind Robert Rose in Team Kit.  Pete Dimuzio was the victor of the 5 Spec944 cars, David Snyder’s Mazda took first in PTC, and Jorge Diaz was the lone Spec Miata car.  Uncontested in GTS2 was Valentin Ivanitski and similarly in David James in PTE rounded out the various class winners.

Official Results:


Saturday Big Bore Race Group

Big Bore Qualification put Michael Pinholster in the Radical on Pole followed by Austin Newmark, Erik Davis and Brian Turner in their Porsche 911s.  The field was well represented with Super Unlimited, Super Touring 3, Super Touring 1, GTS3 and GTS4 cars.

16 cars departed grid for the warm-up lap and after a clean start the field ran for nearly 30 minutes but Michael Pinholster held the front spot with a fast lap of 59.223 and Erik Davis’ freshly repainted 911 just a hair behind with a fast lap of 59.975, then Greg Dalgarn rounding out the podium.   The ultra competitive Super Touring 3 field was won by Erik Davis with Jeremy Renshaw’s BMW second, Brian Turners Porsche in third, another Porsche of Jim Richard and last in class.. a dusty old Datsun.


Ricky Johnson ran his PTB Mini in Big Bore finishing 6th overall and the lone PTB in class.  GTS3 field victor David Leyvas beat the BMW of Jim Fluckey with Marty Saltzman taking the third spot and Justin Stevenson left sprinkling the flowers on the side of the track with an unfortunate water leak but no resulting damage.  Michael Papworth’s thundering blue Corvette represented ST2.

Official Results:


Sunday Combined Race Group

The Sunday Race Group was combined classes which made for fantastic action throughout the race.  The start was a normal running Green Flag after 2 warm-up laps and the field formed up perfectly as the Green Flag dropped on anxious throttle pedals, a pile of iron pooling at Turn 1.  A flurry of passing throughout the field in the first few laps preceded the faster cars eventually catching up to the small bore cars and then the action heated up.  The inclusion of traffic intensifies the opportunities as racers use timing and strategy to move ahead, but hopefully keep their own class competitors tied up in traffic behind them.

The race ended early on a Red Flag due to a 3” hole in the side of the authors (new) engine.  Many thanks to Tage and Ramin and all the others who descended on my smoking car just seconds after stopping in the dirt.  Go away Monkey!!

Congrats to podium finishers Michael Pinholster, Erik Davis and Jeremy Renshaw, to all the Class winners and thanks for the great competition from all the combined groups.

Official Results:

Season Points:

Saturday Time Trial

Some seriously fast action on the Saturday Time Trial as both the Small Bore and Big Bore classes ran 4 sessions throughout the day with a bunch of track records taken over including David Leyvas’ 56.896 on Saturday and Tony Szirka in the UMS Tuning Mitsubishi running 57.864 on Sunday.  Ricky Johnson took a 3 year old record down in TTB class at 1:01.669, Dave Schotz and Hal Dunn each beat down their own records in TTC and TTD to 1:02.647 and 1:04.193 respectively.

Here is where to find some great pics of all classes:

Lots of close finishes including Gary Felton just .076 seconds ahead of Hunter Bennett in TT1.  Even closer on Sunday, Hal Dunn finished barely a whisker ahead of Robert Rose separated by merely .005 seconds.  TTE finishers Team Beer:30 and Team Hashtag Racing also had a close finish with just .078 seconds spacing.

Full results of Saturdays TT race:

Sunday Time Trial

Sunday Time Trial was slightly different with split groups for the first 3 sessions and a combined afternoon session.    As mentioned above Tony Szirka would have had a track record with this time of 57.864 but for David’s impressive Saturday run in the Porsche.  The close finishes continued with Team Beer:30 finishing just .013 seconds ahead of Team Hashtag.

Congrats to the other class victors on Sunday including Russ Whelan, Erik Davis, Ricky Johnson, Team Schotz, Robert Rose, Team Beer:30 and Tony Szirka.



UMS Tuning Time Attack

The Time Attack series ( was held on Sunday with 3 total sessions and 14 cars spread throughout the day.  Tony Szirka posted his fastest time of the day in the first session in 58.161 seconds but ending with an injured car.  Phil Robles and Russ Whelan were within a fraction of a second of each other to complete the top 3 positions.

In class competition Aaron Hiar took top spot in TA-A with Phil Robles first in TA-B and Tony Szirka top in TA-C

Official Results:


US Drift

The drift group returned once again to NASA-AZ on Sunday running a total of 4 sessions.  The drift event probably draws one of the biggest spectator crowds of any class.  There was some serious horsepower on display and some roasted tires by late Sunday afternoon.


As always HPDE is the “first hit” of road racing and we would like to congratulate the March 2014 HPDE1 class of: Agustin Carcoba, Brent Carver, Kayleigh Casto,  Trevor Girdner, Gabe Hansen,  Dorian Hollingworth, William Janssen, Kevin Kavanagh, David Kweder, Perry Lehman, Quintin Maley,  Rene Mousseux,  Karol Owczarski,  Lee Rateike, Kirk Vidinghoff, Robert Warman and Michael Pearce (who drove his first DE1 at East and now coming back for DE2 in April in the green Acura  below )


Under the expert tutelage of instructor Dave Riddle this gang will hopefully be seen on a race-track near us soon!




There was great “training action” in all the HPDE sessions with a wide variety of cars from Ferrari and Mercedes to Jeff Meade’s 1973 Mini.    Congrats to Jake Castro for moving up into Time Trial and turning some of his best lap times.10009310_10152292666324761_523726301_n

Mechanical Issues:

An unusually high amount of mechanical damage (read carnage) plagued this 3rd event in the NASA 2014 season including at least two head gasket perforations,  a bunch of  transmissions killed, a thrown rod, another blown motor and a fire in a DE4 car.  The fact is stuff breaks and it can become a safety hazard.

Take that extra time you have on grid (because you arrived a few minutes early) to practice your emergency egress, shut off and fire extinguisher procedure.  Create your escape path first by opening the door, removing nets, wheel and then releasing your belts last.  Consider if you were upside down-you want to remain in the seat until you have a way out as it could be difficult to do the other things after getting dropped on your head when you fall out of the seat.

This should be a logical “flow” of your hands that sweeps around the cockpit completing the tasks in an efficient order, ending up at your belts release point and you getting out of the car.  Oh, and practice with your eyes closed and a friend poking you with a stick.

So that’s it!  Hope to see everyone all repaired and ready for NASA-AZ’s first return to the West track in 2014 which is just a few short weeks away.  Get signed up ASAP for both days and enjoy some great tacos, racing and Arizona sunshine.


Join us at Wild Horse Pass in April:

Details of Wild Horse Pass event:



Pictures courtesy of

  • Tage Evanson
  • Ben Kiningham


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photo 8

June 5-6 Wraps Up

Firebird East – NASA-AZ Summer Event

NASA-AZ typically runs Firebird East only but once a year. However, the June 5-6 event would be one of two visits we’ll make to this track in 2010. Sure, we all had the option of sleeping in, relaxing inside of our air conditioned homes all weekend, maybe mow the lawn (if it hasn’t dried up already), or catch a few episodes of Dancing with the Stars that you’ve been recording on TiVo (or not). Regardless, when the track is scheduled to go hot our drivers kit-up and officials brave the heat.


Gathering around for the early morning drivers meeting.

"Where's the coffee??" ...

Drivers and officials regroup at dawn, likely plotting "Operation-Coffee".

Firebird East is one of those tracks that rewards driver skill and handling; often closing the competition through various classes, keeping drivers and spectators on their toes. It is also one of my favorite tracks, and likewise for other momentum car drivers it is a popular pick. This would be the first of two summer events this year maintaining a condensed and (very) early schedule, avoiding the hottest temperatures of the day, which often reach over 100*F!


Before the sun came up, David Leyvas' #997 PTA Porsche was ready to roll.

Long before any Starbucks opened in the whole of Phoenix, our drivers began entering the gates at 4am. Thanks to the organizers of NASA-AZ, this special event accommodated Big Bore and Small Bore races, Time Trial groups, HPDE, and Time Attack. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights from this event.

Race group heats up!

I was looking forward to seeing how many of our drivers in Race Group would make this event since NASA-AZ normally doesn’t offer races in the summer, let alone at this track. Since we were running a condensed schedule, Race Group followed a slightly different format; practice and qualifying took place on Saturday, followed by practice and race sessions on Sunday.


Big Bore, Small Track.

If anyone was going to get a sub-minute lap time it was going to be in this group along with Big Bore Time Trial. The race began with a cluster of cars tight through the corners, gradually thinning out lap after lap. Mark Alger driving the fast red blur… I mean… #4 SU Dodge Viper, qualified first overall running a 59.748, followed by Victor Pfluger, Darrell Rayburn and Tage Evanson.

Big Bore, Small Track

Big Bore apex take-over!

Sunday’s race began with a 15-car field, noting most cars in their expected order with the exception of Brian Turner who missed qualifying due to mechanical issues. Starting in the back he worked his way through the pack ultimately taking fourth, just behind Matthew Seech in third. In the front of the pack was Mark Alger yet again who found a few extra tenths, beating his own qualifying lap time — also notably the fastest lap in Race Group for the weekend – a 58.932. When the checkers fell Alger took pole winning the SU class for the weekend, followed by Darrell Rayburn placing first in ST-2, David Leyvas took PT-A, and Rick Johnson won PT-B.

The chase!

Nose-to-tail chase: Ricky "Boo Boo" Johnson and John Dowling.

The chase continues...

... a few laps later ... the chase continues...

Here are the class winners from the Big Bore race on Sunday:
Mark Alger #4, SU
Darrell Rayburn #421, ST-2
David Leyvas #997, PT-A
Rick Johnson #00, PT-B


Small Bore Race goes 944… and a Miata.

The Small Bore race was comprised of 99.99% 944 Spec, and .01% Spec Miata. Events like these make it obvious to me that the 944 Spec racers (and the Spec Miata) are committed to our racing schedule, even when weather conditions reach ‘wow-my-race-suit-really-does-smell-that-bad’ highs. An early start and 20 laps later, Austin Newmark in #47x took first overall with Rich Geisler in #03 not far behind, followed by Darren Griffith in #7. Our esteemed #8 Spec Miata driven by Charles Jackson, who also got the new Spec Miata track record, is an example to everyone who has been watching the races and contemplating to build a Spec car, that a) they should do it, and that b) all of them can be competitive together!

Top 944 racers from Sunday:
Austin Newmark #47x, 944 Spec
Rich Geisler #03, 944 Spec
Darren Griffith #7, 944 Spec

… and in Spec Miata:
Charles Jackson #8, Spec Miata

New track records:
Rich Geisler #03, 944 Spec – 1:06.452
Charles Jackson #8, Spec Miata – 1:10.416

Time Trial Groups

Big Bore

Big Bore Time Trial was hot, and I’m not referencing the Arizona summer, or anybody’s car overheating… But in terms of speed they were all smoke’n! Throughout the weekend Wayne McKeen brought good stuff to the track in his TTR Corvette, running consistent sub-minute laps and setting the TTR track record on Saturday, then breaking his own record on Sunday with a fast 57.93.

Darrell Rayburn set the TTS record on Saturday with a 59.78, however Tage Evanson in his well-known Honda Civic (Casper) raised the bar on Sunday running 59.14. Brian Turner set a new record for this track with 1:03.39 in TTA, and Mark Alger took the lead in TTU turning 59.76


#44 TTA Audi S4 driven by Dan Maloney

Here are the top racers on Saturday:
TTR Wayne McKeen – #7 Corvette – 58.26
TTU Mark Alger – #4 Dodge Viper – 1:00.01
TTS Darrell Rayburn – #421 Corvette – 59.78
TTA Dan Maloney – #44 Audi S4 – 1:03.97

Here are the top racers on Sunday:
TTR Wayne McKeen – #7 Corvette – 57.93
TTU Mark Alger – #4 Dodge Viper – 59.76
TTS Tage Evanson – #17 Honda Civic – 59.14
TTA Brian Turner – #524 Porsche 911 – 1:03.39

New track records:
TTR Wayne Mckeen – #7 Corvette
TTS Tage Evanson – # 17 Honda Civic
TTA Brian Turner – #524 Porsche 911

Small Bore

The Small Bore group also enjoyed fast laps around East with a couple new track records. First up is Matt McIntyre, who obtained the TTB track record twice in one weekend; Saturday running 1:03.02, then shaving off a few tenths on Sunday running 1:02.72. Gabe Ortega and Eric Dayton battled it out in hopes to shave off those few extra tenths between each other, with Dayton ultimately taking the lead with the fastest lap in TTC on Sunday. Tage Evanson joined Small Bore yet again with his Honda Accord in TTF, also finding a new track record running 1:08.87.

Pace Car and TTC Integra driven by Eric Dayton.

Pace Car and TTC Integra driven by Eric Dayton.

Here are the top racers on Saturday:
TTB Matt McIntyre – #31 BMW M3 – 1:03.02
TTC Drew Maloney – #52 Mini Cooper S – 1:06.02
TTD Robert Rose – #16 Mazda Miata – 1:05.89
TTE Geri Amani – #34 Mazda Miata – 1:10.46
TTF Tage Evanson – #17 Honda Accord – 1:08.89

Here are the top racers on Sunday:
TTB Matt McIntyre – #31 BMW M3 – 1:02.72
TTC Eric Dayton- #21 Acura Integra – 1:07.16
TTD Robert Rose – #16 Mazda Miata – 1:06.01
TTE Geri Amani – #34 Mazda Miata – 1:08.92
TTF Tage Evanson – #17 Honda Accord – 1:08.87

New track records:
TTB Matt McIntyre – #31 BMW M3 – 1:02.72
TTF Tage Evanson – #17 Honda Accord – 1:08.87


Both mornings I started my day walking about the tech inspection lines snapping a few pictures a long the way. It is always great to see so many familiar faces in HPDE, and all of them eager to get on track despite how early it was or how little sleep they had the night before. Each event I like to take note which HPDE cars appear to be on the fast track towards competition in the not too distant future. With each event those cars slowly become more serious: better brakes, less interior, race seats, safety gear, tires, stickers, and more – the tell-tale signs of the “racing bug”.

Unmistakeable neon wheels, "Subie" driver Taylor Wilson.

Unmistakeable *neon* wheels... One of our "Subie" drivers, Taylor Wilson.

NASA’s HPDE program guides new drivers further up the HPDE ladder, and our spirited group leaders are here to help. Whether you are just starting out or have been driving for awhile – NASA has a great support structure for those eager to learn.

I managed to connect with a few drivers to see how the event was coming along for them. A few of them were quite possibly some of the most enthusiastic I’ve seen in a long while. New to NASA was Ahmed Sulfab, driving his garage-built Integra Type-R. After months of reviving his car he joined us in DE1, graduating to DE2 by Sunday.

Noz Wijaya didn’t return to DE3 with his red Corolla, this time we found him with a Miata! Could this be a budding Spec Miata racer in the near future? Or a soon-to-be Time Trialer? Aside from weight reduction and safety gear, he ran the Miata almost completely stock. Noz ran both DE3 and Time Attack in a completely new platform, receiving some helpful coaching from fellow Miata driver and DE2 group leader Robert Rose.

Miata drivers stick together. Zoom-Zoom!

Robert Rose getting ready to head out with Noz in DE3 for some 1:1 coaching.

Bright and early... yellow S2k!

Bright ... and early!

One of our trusted corner workers Melanie joined us ON track; not holding a yellow flag, but driving her yellow supercharged Integra Type-R. Great to have her out there with us!

Fellow corner worker Melanie joins us in DE3 in her supercharged Acura Integra Type-R.

Fellow corner worker Melanie joins us in DE3 in her supercharged Acura Integra Type-R.

Because we can never be too prepared as drivers, NASA wants everyone to be safe when they drive with us. Make sure to be familiar with the latest safety rules and regulations. You can check out the official NASA website for the latest Club Codes and Regulations (often referred to as the CCR’s) here:

UMS Time Attack

I was pleased to see that the UMS Time Attack was scheduled in the NASA menu of run groups for this summer event, and even more pleased to see the number of participants waiting on grid hoping to turn the fastest lap. The UMS Time Attack provides drivers from run groups DE3 and up with some open track in a competition format. Other than the hot temperatures, after talking with other drivers it became obvious that TA had been a great success.

Gabe Ortega's Honda Civic, our TA-A winner.

Gabe Ortega's Honda Civic, TA-A winner.

With TA-A and TA-B as the largest of the TA run groups, with a few TA-C cars in the mix — a total of 22 cars in participation gave everyone a good dose of competition. Gabe Ortega in his Honda Civic drove away as our TA-A winner running a 1:08.061, Brian McCormick’s #727 took TA-B with his swift 1:04.376, and in TA-C Robert Smithson achieved 1:04.700.

August Event Preview

With our brief break in July our next event takes place at Firebird West in August. Most HPDE groups were sold out in June, and despite warmer temperatures NASA-AZ expects the same turnout. An early 6AM start will kick-off the event, with HPDE1 on Saturday, also HPDE2, 3 and 4 both days. This will also be one of the last opportunities Time Trialers and Racers can accumulate the minimum points required for Nationals in September. For those of you not planning on joining us at Miller Motorsports Park, we wont have any more events in Arizona until October… Be sure to register for FIR West –the last of our summer events, and we’ll see you at the track!

Register for this event –>
Real time event details on the NASA-AZ Forum –>

ritten and photographed by Geri A. Amani.

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