Who’s Who in NASA: Josh & Megan Ray

319599_239938459389176_239058452810510_610825_1617453645_n1Full Name: Josh & Megan Ray

Where is your Hometown? Both Born in Mesa, AZ

How long have you lived in AZ? 22/21 years

Favorite Food(s): (Josh) Mac N. Cheese (Megan) BBQ Chicken

Favorite Music: OLDIES

Occupation: (Josh) Job seeking Mechanic (Megan) Holistic Wellness Advisor

NASA Position / Run Group: (Josh) DE4, everything (Megan) DE2, Gate

Many of you already know that Josh and Megan took each other’s hand in marriage at the last NASA-AZ Event at Inde Motorsports Ranch but we thought we should give you the inside guide on them. Megan and Josh are both natives of Arizona born in Mesa. Josh first got involved in NASA when Jeremy Ward invited him out to help out with Tech. After teching cars and watching them on track, Josh got the bug to get out and race. Josh started out with his red 95 Integra, later moving on to a white 94 Integra. Josh met Megan through her sister and once getting to know one another Josh found out that Megan wanted to be an astronaut and go faster than the speed of light. So he invited her to come out to a NASA AZ event to check everything out. Even though it may not be the speed of light, Megan was hooked from the get go and didn’t waste any time to get out on track. Megan started ou314649_10150340000426033_500936032_8297924_716862982_nt driving many different cars on track till she found her all wheel drive love, a 99 Impreza that she plans on upgrading to improve her track experience. Josh’s track car is now Ravi’s past silver 97 Integra, “Josh has a thing for his Integra’s.” Both of them picked vehicles that are easy to modify to help them improve their skills on the asphalt.

Josh and Megan laughed at the thought of any hobbies outside of motorsports…well besides playing with their four legged friends Ivo and Lennie. These two plan on being part of the motorsports community for a long time, with the plans for them both racing side by side with future little racers in karts. For now Josh and Megan will be working their way up the NASA HPDE ranks and running around helping out the NASA crew. So if you see Megan’s smiling face at the gate or Josh running around the pits, take a second to say hi.

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