RACE Group

Want to race “wheel to wheel”?  Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Current “NASA membership” (https://drivenasa.com/users/sign_up)
  2. Read and fully understand all NASA CCRs (https://drivenasa.com/rules/ccr.pdf)
  3. Driving experience in NASA’s HPDE1-4 groups or equivalent (email [email protected] to confirm what is considered “equivalent”)
  4. Completion of a NASA “Comp School” (or equivalent race experience from another org – email [email protected] to confirm)
  5. Medical clearance from your Doctor that you are healthy enough for the rigors of a racing environment (https://drivenasa.com/forms/form_medical.pdf)
  6. Apply for a NASA Provisional / Competition License (https://drivenasa.com/forms/form_provisional_license.pdf)
  7. Application approval by the local region (NOTE:  Approval will be granted by pending steps 1-6 are properly fulfilled)
  8. Select your race series and class (Series and class rules found @ https://drivenasa.com/rules)
  9. Annual race tech inspection (details can be found @ https://nasaaz.com/tech/tech-inspection/)
  10. Register for an event and go race!  (https://drivenasa.com/events)