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How Do I Get My License?

NASA Arizona will accept licenses from other organziations in lieu of HPDE1-4 and a formal “Competition School” geared towards preparing a driver for the rigors, knowledge and skillset required to participate in a formal NASA competition “race”. The list of acceptable licenses from other organizations does change from time to time so it is best to email Tage@nasaaz.com to get the most current details and requirements which could include a verbal or written test. Regardless of the competition license, it will not replace the fact that all competition drivers will need to purchase a “NASA membership” and “NASA Competition License” to participate in a NASA Race.

It is required that all NASA competition drivers fully read the Club Codes & Regulations (CCRs) prior to their first event and have the CCRs accessible for reference at all events going forward.

The CCRs and all race series rules can be found here

What is the difference between a “Provisional License” and a “Competition License”?

A Provisional License is issued to new racers with little or no experience with racing or sometimes issued to racers with experience with other organizations that NASA does not recognize at a National level. A “Provisional License” will allow drivers to compete just like a regular “Competition License” holder but they will only be allowed to participate in races hosted by the region who issued it (i.e. Arizona points races only, if NASA Arizona issues the Provisional). A driver will remain a Provisional license holder until they compete at least 4 races without incident.

After four races are completed, that driver may apply for a full “Competition License” which will allow that driver to compete in NASA races in any of the 15+ regions across the country including the National Championships.


License Applications, Medical Forms, etc.

All forms including License applications and Medical forms, etc. can be found on the NASA Nationals website found here.


Classing and Rules

All series and classing rules can be found on the NASA National website found here.

Compliance Sheets for 2017 Race Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2016 Race Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2015 Race Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2014 Race Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2013 Race Competitors

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