Time Trial

NASA Arizona’s Time Trial competition season lasts from Jan-Dec each year locally as well as the opportunity to compete Nationally at the NASA Nationals in Sept of each year where they can go up against the best of the best in the country across 15 NASA regions! NASA TT competitors are eligible for the coveted NASA Arizona Champion jacket as well as many contingency awards such as free tires, brake pads, gift certs, discounts and cash!

In total, there are nine Time Trial classes, each region has its own Regional Championship Series that gives us our regional champions, and qualifies drivers to become eligible to compete at the NASA National Championships at Mid-Ohio. Awards are usually provided to our top-level finishers at each of the regional events. To compete in NASA TT, a driver must obtain a NASA National TT License, which requires the driver to be an advanced level driver or racer. Driver and vehicle safety are among our top concerns, and we have a pro-active safety program. Our HPDE program, that accommodates drivers of all experience levels, is the best way for a driver to become qualified to compete in Time Trial. The Time Trial program completes the NASA competition pathway from NASA-X to wheel-to-wheel racing.



Classing and Rules

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Compliance Sheets for 2017 TT Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2016 TT Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2015 TT Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2014 TT Competitors

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Compliance Sheets for 2013 TT Competitors

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