Our Team

Regional Director

Tage Evanson

Tage is ultimately responsible for all officials and activities associated with the organization. When he isn’t visiting with drivers, observing downloads or consulting with staff, he can often be found on track in the NASA AZ pace car giving ride alongs!

Registration – “The Missus” Regional Co-Director

Adina Evanson

Adina handles all accounting aspects of the club. She organizes all of the special events, trophies and even keeps the Regional Director on his toes! Adina pulls double duty at the track by working Registration throughout the day.

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Event Director

Ramin Shute

Ramin handles all staffing for the events and onsite management of all event logistics.


Race Director

Steve Marlow

Steve himself drives a GTS3 BMW and is looking at growing the GTS Series in the Arizona Region. If you have any RACE specific questions, Steve is your main contact. Steve is also the main point of contact for questions in regards to competition licensing and GTS classing.

Time Trial Director

Jeremy Renshaw

Jeremy is responsible for making sure the Time Trial group runs smoothly from start to finish. With two TT groups (Big Bore and Small Bore) he splits the TT responsibilities with Eric (see below).

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Time Trial Director

Eric Jacobsen

With the local success of the Time Trial group having consistently two groups it requires a second dedicated TT Director. Between Eric and Jeremy they handle all aspects of the TT group (licensing, classing, downloads, etc.). Eric also has the added responsibility of results updates and season points tracking.

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Classing, Team Declarations & Contingency Coordinator

Jeff Abrams

Jeff is responsible for posting of all Competitor classing and Team Declarations on the website and also ensuring the data from all classing sheets (both Race & TT) is made publicly available to all race competitors to provide a transparent and level playing field.  You can find Jeff in Tech assisting with impound/Tech to check vehicles to ensure they are compliant for their class and all vehicles meet contingency requirements and is authorized to sign off on all contingency paperwork requiring official verification. He also works directly with the TT and Race Directors to ensure accuracy of the TT and Race results posted on NASAAZ.com.

Chief Driving Instructor

John Dowling

John is primarily responsible for staffing, training and logistics for all HPDE Instructors. If you are an expert level driver and feel you have exceptional teaching teaching ability and are interested in becoming a certified NASA instructor, John is the guy you need to contact.

HPDE1 Classroom Instructor

Dave Riddle

Dave is the clubs primary HPDE1 classroom instructor on Saturday. Dave is a critical element to a successful HPDE1 program and we couldn’t do it without him.

HPDE 2 Group Leader


Jason Griepentrog
Jason hosts all downloads for the group and provides ongoing High Performance Driving Education for fresh HPDE1 graduates. These drivers will need sign off from Jason (Jim Cozozolino – or another instructor/assistant) before progressing to HPDE3.

HPDE 3 Group Leader

Ravi Tomerlin
Ravi is the leader for the HPDE3 (aka – the intermediate group). He provides coaching and mentorship for this group of drivers to prepare them for the next level. If you want to move up to HPDE4, you’ll need sign off from Ravi or one of his delegates.

HPDE4 Group Leader

Robert Rose
Robert will be the mentor and coach for all advanced level drivers. He will provide education and real time feedback in the download meetings to increase driver skills to their highest potential and prep them for a competition group should they chose to go that route.

“944 Spec” Series Leader

Norman Hamden
Norm is responsible for leading this race class from rallying the competitors during the on/off season as well as ensuring classing compliance and recruiting new potential competitors from the class. If you have any questions on the “944 Spec” series, this is the guy you’ll want to talk to.

Honda Challenge Series Leader

Gabe Ortega
Gabe is responsible for representing this class from a race group logistics perspective as well as growing the series both locally and nationally. If you have any questions about the series and how to join, Gabe is the man to talk to!

GTS Series Leader

Dean Schaefer
Dean himself drives a GTS3 BMW and is looking at growing the GTS Series in the Arizona Region. If you have any GTS specific questions, Dean is your main contact.

ST Series Leader

Drew Waldolny
Drew Waldolny is all about the race track, he heads the ST series in the Arizona Region.  If you have any ST series related questions, give him a shout onsite or contact through his email.


Gary Felton
Gary is one of the clubs CC&R resident experts and acts as a consultant to ensures that the rules are followed. Gary is also the head of the Incident Review Board (IRB) and can be found in Impound after each race. He was previously the “Chief Driving Instructor” and continues to teach students that attend “Comp School”. Additionally, Gary arrives the day before most event weekends to help with setup and does tech for any cars that show up early as well.

Chief of Tech & Time Attack Director

Jon Via


Jon is responsible for all onsite tech inspections and ensures the event is staffed with enough manpower to handle tech requirements, impound car weighing and course cleanup duties during the event. Jon also organizes the UMS Tuning Time Attack Series logistics, season results and also pulls triple duty with website maintenance & general tech support.

Tech Official & UMS Tuning Time Attack Sponsor

Tony Szirka
Tony is awesome and we appreciate all that he does for us.

Race Tech

Jim Fluckey
If you have a race car, Jim is one of the guys who can do your the annual tech inspection. Jim performs all tech inspections at German Auto Service at no charge. At track inspections are available with pre-registration and a fee. Additional shops qualified to do annual race tech can be found here
5244 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Timing & Scoring

Todd Hought

Todd is responsible for keeping track of all lap times for drivers in race, time trial, and time attack groups. In addition, he also teams up to assist race control when not dealing with T&S specific duties.

Licensing Director

Steve Marlow
623-826-3500 / 800-785-1488(FAX)
If you don’t have a competition license (or TT license) and need details on how to get one, Steve is the man to talk to. Additionally, if you’ve registered for a race (or TT) and you don’t have a current license, you’ll be getting an email from Steve to ensure you’re compliant before the event.  Please FAX all license applications and medical exam renewals to Steve instead of the National office.