New Faces, Familiar Faces and Track Records, Oh My!

After a long hiatus, NASA Arizona returned to Inde Motorsports Ranch, a private membership track nestled outside Willcox, Ariz., with a 2.75-mile, 21-turn road course. The track offers nearly a mile of cumulative straightaways as well as 200 feet of natural elevation changes combining uphill and downhill corners and straights, blind apexes, hairpins, sweepers, negative and positive-camber turns.
It’s a challenging circuit that offers several configurations, which change the racing dynamics and opportunities. NASA Arizona ran configuration No. 5, the main track configuration featuring all but one turn on Saturday, and configuration No. 4 on Sunday, the “fast” configuration, creating a fortitude-testing second straight along with a quick chute that changes the attitude of the lap. A fresh repave of the track in late 2020 also set the stage for great racing.
Spec Corvette racers joined the Super Touring 2 classes at Inde Motorsports Ranch in April.Saturday’s big bore race featured many


You Make the Call

In a nod toward those old NFL spots that gave viewers the opportunity to play referee, we’re going to emulate the series with racing incidents when possible.
In the following video, NASA Arizona ST2 racer Chris Wynne seizes an opportunity to pass three cars in one corner. Wynne made the pass on two cars, but ended up spinning off track to the inside due to contact. So, for the purposes of this exercise, stop reading now and watch the video clips.
What call did you make? The NASA Arizona race director said initial contact was a racing incident, but the follow-up push warranted a DQ for the driver of the stock car. Wynne admits to being a bit greedy in trying to get three cars in one turn and consulted with the coaches from Racers360 to help him figure out what he could have done to improve the situation.
NASA Arizona ST2 racer


Rain, Cold, Dirt, Warm and Fast Laps

Arizona racers saw it all in March, with some late seasonal weather mixing things up a bit. Despite a last-minute track change to Wild Horse Pass, Super Touring had yet another great round of racing.
For those in the social media game – check out the new group for the NASA Arizona Super Touring series here. We set this up because the forums are moving from the NASA Arizona website to the national website, and this gives us another great resource for asking questions, discussing races, cars, and coordinating activities.
The great news is that our groups are growing! We have lots of prospective racers finishing up new builds or refreshes, cars moving between classes and new racers coming from the excellent comp school program. Super Touring 4 is looking at some great growth. We may see as many as 11 cars by the end of the year! Super Touring 2 also


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