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Arizona Pain Specialists Radical SR8 & SR3



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Elite Automotive Finishes LS1 powered 240sx Drift Car Driven by Chris Soehren



COZ Motorsports Turbocharged Acura NSX


AZ Pain Specialists 700hp Dodge Viper

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Trial By Fire Drift

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Who’s Who in NASA: Phil & Jesse Robles

Full Name: Philip Rosend Robles…Phil
Where is your Hometown? Tempe, Arizona
How long have you lived in AZ? 19 years
Favorite Food(s): Helen’s Mexican food..of course!
Favorite Music: Whatever I select in Pandora…Top Secret
Occupation: Defense Contract Management Agency / Quality Assurance Specialist on the Boeing Longbow Apache AH-64 program.
Run Group: Time Trials and Time Attack

Full Name: Jesse Cade Robles
Where is your Hometown? Tempe, Arizona
How long have you lived in AZ? 19 years
Favorite Food(s): My mom’s Mexican food!
Favorite Music: too eclectic to list
Occupation: I tend bar at Rula Bula Irish Pub
                                                                                                         Run Group: HPDE 4 and Time Attack TA-B


          Phil was born in Swindon, England and grew up in a military family stationed all over Europe.  Phil then joined the Air Force as an F-15 aircraft mechanic.  His career in the Air Force took him and his family to Iceland and Okinawa, Japan, among other assignments.  Japan was definitely the family’s favorite assignment. After a 6-year tour in Japan the Robles family was transferred to Luke AFB, AZ where Phil retired from the military. Phil now works for the Government as a QA Specialist on the Boeing Longbow Apache AH-64 program.

          In 2007 Phil made the transition from being a motorsports enthusiast to actually driving on track at a NASA AZ Phoenix International Raceway event. Phil progressed though the HPDE ranks and up to Time Trials and the UMS Tuning Time Attack series.  In 2009 Phil won overall in TT-B and the UMS Tuning Time Attack series, and repeated his TA overall win in 2011.

          Phil enjoys driving with NASA because of the well-structured organization that, “allows you to go as far as you want to fulfill your motorsports addiction.” Phil doesn’t plan on slowing down one bit.  In fact, he plans on fulfilling his motorsports addiction by continuing to improve his car and driving skills.

          Phil enjoys the racing scene so much that he makes it a family affair.  Phil’s son, Jesse has always enjoyed cars but never really got into racing until he made the trip with his Dad to a NASA AZ Inde Motorsports Ranch event in 2011. Phil let Jesse drive his car out on track and ever since then Jesse was hooked on driving, starting the Father/Son duo.

          Jesse was born in Tucson, AZ, but as an Air Force dependant Jesse got to move around and live in different places. While the Robles family was stationed in Japan, Jesse learned to drive in his Dad’s Mini Cooper.  Jesse later would hit the streets of Japan to participate or watch the local drift shows. Jesse and his friend Ross Petty (who is now a pro drifter) used to drift Ross’ mom’s van around for fun. After moving back to the States, Jesse started racing bicycles and now holds a USAC Category 2 license. Jesse has won several of Arizona’s major cycling races, including the 84 mile El Tour de Tucson (twice!), and the Valley of the Sun stage race.  Cycling is also a sport Phil and Jesse share–Phil was on a military cycling team in Okinawa and also ran for the Air Force in marathons in Iceland and Japan.  

           After getting bitten by the racing bug Jesse started his quick rise though the HPDE ranks.  Jesse first drove his current car (which he borrowed from Nolan to compete in Time Attack) at the Firebird West event.  He won 1st place at the event in TA-B, and it was the first time he had driven the car!  Jesse later purchased the car from Nolan to become his dedicated track car. Jesse’s future plans are to continue racing with his family, build a drift car, and compete in Master Events in cycling.


 So the next time you are at a NASA AZ event be sure to say hi to the Father/Son duo Phil and Jesse Robles.

Written by: Travis Barnes

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Recap

                While walking around the paddock of a race event, it is not uncommon to hear drivers speaking of their favorite tracks. Conversations continue as drivers list reasons why certain tracks are more fun and challenging than others. Last weekend NASA-AZ made its first trip to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Is this the best track NASA-AZ has ever traveled to? Well that would be a conversation that would never end but the fact is Chuckwalla was loved by all the drivers that attended. With 2.7 miles of track, 17 turns, and 40 foot wide race surfaces, Chuckwalla has a corner for everyone to enjoy. Tucked away in the desert of California, Arizona drivers made the trek last weekend to enjoy a 3 day event hosted by NASA-AZ on a technical, fast, and just darn right fun raceway.


Photo by Robert Glaze of

Race Group

                Qualifying was flooded with cars including a number of new faces. With a California race, a number of NASA So Cal members made the drive out to Chuckwalla to join our racers on this new track. These drivers would be sure to challenge our local drivers as they swept qualifying in Honda Challenge. With a full field small bore saw 24 drivers in qualifying with 23 in big bore. With such a large turnout, the race was sure to be exciting as a corner would never be bare.

Saturday Small Bore


                Saturday the green flag dropped and the racers were off flying into turn 1 and 2 for early position. Within the first lap, both a 944 and HC drivers were off track and would have lots of ground to make up. Jim Richard was off to an early overall lead with Norm Hamden leading the 944 Spec class. The battles started early with Doug Evans and Terry Denton working hard in the HC class. With an early off Tony Szirka would have a lot of ground to make up. Once again Eric Dayton, Simon Pavlick, and Leland Forbes were having a great race in the middle of the Honda Challenge Pack. With Pavlick leading the three drivers, Forbes makes a pass on Dayton. A combination of Pavlick and Forbes dipping 2 off mixed up the group allowing Dayton to pass both drivers with Forbes just behind him and Pavlick now making up ground. The 944 and PT drivers were maintaining their positions with each driver gapping the next. Paul Seiferth in his PT-F RX7 continued to pressure Devon Dahn for position. About this time, the 25 car of Jeremy Croiset, and 72 car of Manny Coats, began their attack on the field. Within minutes Croiset had taken the HC lead. Manny Coats was not far behind, but Jason Noel commanding the 2nd place position would make Coats work for the pass. In the end Croiset and Coats would take the 1st and 2nd overall positions with Norm Hamden taking 3rd place overall and winning the 944 Spec class.


1st – Jeremy Croiset

2nd – Manny Coats

3rd – Jason Neol

944 Spec

1st – Norm Hamden

2nd – Joe Paluch

3rd –


1st – Jim Richard

2nd – Josh Allan


1st – Michael Babcock


1st – Devon Dahn

2nd – Paul Seiferth

3rd – Steven Bodeman


Saturday Big Bore


Photo by Robert Glaze of

                With one of the largest Big Bore races we have seen some time, the flag dropped and the racers went three wide into turn 1. Mark Alger was off in the first turn leaving him behind the entire field. Never one to quit, Alger wasted no time working his way up the field. Having not qualified due to radiator and alternator issues, the radical started the race last. In no time the radical was making his way through the field almost as if playing a game with the other drivers. Within 2 laps, Mark Alger had regained position on half of the field. Bryan McCormick in the number 9 truck was making great laps following the 33 truck of Ed Charnock with Wayne McKeen following closely behind. Still coming through the other drivers, Team makes the pass on John Gordon in his beautiful Porsche, and works on the leaders starting with Wayne McKeen. After some quick passes, passes McKeen, McCormick, and Charnock leaving only Brent Crosser in the 206 Corvette between them and the lead. With only 4 minutes left, the leaders caught the back of the field and blue flags go waving all over the track. An off in the last laps by Crosser, leaves a gap for Charnock and Team to make the pass for the 1 and 2 position.


1st –

2nd – Ed Charnock

3rd – Brent Crosser


1st – JR Smith

2nd – John Gordon


1st – Jeremy Renshaw

2nd – Matthew Seech

3rd – Brian Turner

Sunday Small Bore


                Norm Hamden was off to a quick overall lead. Due to an incident, Croiset and Coats in the 25 and 72 HC cars started in the back. Within the first lap, Croiset was on the bumper of Honda Challenge leader Jason Noels. In PT-F Devon Dahn made Paul Seiferth work to hold his lead. By this time both Croiset and Coats were knocking on Noels door trying for the pass. Finally on lap 3, 25 and 72 make the pass for the 1 and 2 lead in Honda Challenge. Now with the HC field in their rear view, they quickly pick off the rest of the small bore field. Meanwhile 944 Spec drivers maintained large gaps between each car and PT-D Jim Richard was still leading the race with a huge gap. Always waiting to make his moves, Dayton takes the pass on Doug Evans and begins to close the gap on Simon Pavlick. Evans, Forbes, and Szirka are all following closely. New to NASA-AZ, Steve Stepanian and Josh Allan displayed some great driving in the Spec E30 class. After numerous attempts, Stepanian gets the pass on Allan into turn 1 for the class lead. With race ticking down, Croiset passes Jim Richard for the race lead with Coats now working on 2nd. In the last lap Forbes passes Szirka and Evans and Coats passes Richard for 2nd overall.


1st – Jeremy Croiset

2nd – Manny Coats

3rd – Jason Noel


1st – Jim Richard

944 Spec

1st – Norm Hamden

2nd Steve Marlow

3rd – Rob Giorgio

Spec E30

1st – Steve Stepanian

2nd – Josh Allan


1st – Paul Seiferth

2nd – Devon Dahn

3rd – Steven Bodeman


1st – Michael Babcock


Sunday Big Bore


                Having qualified first, was off to a quick lead in the radical driven by Paul Lynch. Brent Crosser followed closely behind in the 206 fire breathing Corvette. Unfortunately at the end of lap 2, Team pulled into the hot pits with a charging system failure that would ultimately take them out of the race. With the radical down, Crosser and Alger put on a great show running nose to tail. Not one to be left out, Wayne McKeen slowly filled the gap from 3rd. Another great race was going on with Bryan McCormick in the number 9 truck, JR Smith and David MacMillan. As McCormick made the pass on MacMillan, a slight off while working to pass Smith puts McCormick right back where he started fighting for position. In turn 17, Alger gets the pass on Crosser with McKeen still close behind. McCormick and MacMillan finally get the pass on JR Smith. In PT-A large gaps slowly close as Brian Turner begins to catch up with leader Matthew Seech who goes on to win his class for the first time! Now in the lead Alger begins to gap the rest of the leaders and runs away with the race.


1st – Mark Alger

2nd – Brent Crosser

3rd – Wayne McKeen


1st – Matthew Seech

2nd – Brian Turner

3rd – Marty Saltzman


1st – JR Smith


Saturday Time Trials


                With each Time Trial driver excited for a new track, 43 competitors made the trek to California for the first event at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. A new track also meant for the second time this season, new records were up for grabs. TT-R was led by running a blistering 1.39.888. TT-U was led by Mark Alger with a 1.51.262. The TT-U class 2nd and 3rd place positions were separated by only .2 seconds with Mark Klenin running a 1.55.157 and Gary Felton putting down a 1.55.311. Drew Regitz dominated TT-S with a 1.58.833. TT-A was led by Jeremy Renshaw running a 1.58.640 and the only TT-A driver to break the 2 minute mark. TT-B was led by the only in class 2 minute time breaker, Dave Schotz running a 1.59.785. Justin Markiewicz took TT-C with a 2.04.641. Emilio Cervantes was the TT-D leader with a 2.03.223. TT-E was led by once again with a 2.10.910.

Saturday Time Trial Results


1st – – 1.39.888 – New Track Record!

2nd – David MacMillan – 1.58.775

3rd – Kent Porter – 2.02.646


1st – Mark Alger – 1.51.262 – New Track Record!

2nd – Mark Klenin – 1.55.157

3rd – Gary Felton – 1.55.311


1st – Drew Regitz – 1.58.833 – New Track Record!

2nd – Ronald Graham – 2.04.445


1st – Jeremy Renshaw – 1.58.640

2nd – Robert Smithson – 2.01.282

3rd – Brian Turner – 2.01.421


1st – Dave Schotz – 1.59.785

2nd – Mervin Tan – 2.01.353

3rd – Chris Wilson – 2.02.567


1st – Justin Markiewicz – 2.04.641


1st – Emilio Cervantes – 2.03.223

2nd – Robert Rose – 2.05.208

3rd – Jim Richard – 2.07.358


1st – – 2.10.910

2nd – Brad Lundahl – 2.12.140

3rd – Jeff Abrams – 2.18.850


Sunday Time Trial

                On Sunday took TT-R once again but was unable to better their time from Saturday. Mark Alger led his class once again as well with a 1.51.692. Jeremy Renshaw led TT-A on Sunday improving his Saturday time with a 1.57.105. Each of the TT-B leaders improved their Sunday times with Dave Schotz running a 1.58.631, Mervin Tan running a 2.00.222, and Justin Markiewicz moving up a class running a 2.02.822. Emilio Cervantes shaved a second off his Saturday TT-D winning time with a 2.02.090 on Sunday. Brad Lundahl took TT-E on Sunday with a 2.10.544 beating the best Saturday time of

Sunday Time Trial Results


1st – – 1.47.552

2nd – Bryan McCormick – 1.57.330

3rd – David MacMillan – 2.00.918


1st – Mark Alger – 1.51.692

2nd – Gary Felton – 1.55.269

3rd – Mark Klenin – 1.56.501


1st – Drew Regitz – 1.59.926

2nd – Dale Naylor – 2.09.091


1st – Jeremy Renshaw – 1.57.105 – New Track Record!

2nd – Robert Smithson – 1.59.263

3rd – Brian Turner – 1.59.727


1st – Dave Schotz – 1.58.631 – New Track Record!

2nd – Mervin Tan – 2.00.222

3rd – Justin Markiewicz – 2.02.822


1st – Emilio Cervantes – 2.02.090 – New Track Record!

2nd – Fulton Haight – 2.04.259

3rd – Robert Rose – 2.05.140


1st – Brad Lundahl – 2.10.544 – New Track Record!

2nd – – 2.11.028

3rd – Jeff Abrams – 2.15.736



UMS Tuning Time Attack Series

                Time Attack saw 26 competitors for this event. Being a new track to NASA-AZ, a number of HPDE drivers were eager to see the times they had been running all weekend. With mostly return drivers, the field was well equipped for some fast times. Also because this was the first time the series visited this track, new Time Attack Records were up for grabs. Here are the results for the second event of the season.


Russell Whelan :: 01:57.408 New Track Record!
Justin Bowie :: 02:02.601
Emilio Cervantes :: 02:02.738


Robert Smithson :: 02:00.268 :: New Track Record!
Chris Willson :: 02:02.191
Justin Markiewicz :: 02:03.503

Stenos Wijaya :: 02:08.753 :: New Track Record!
Aaron Hiar :: 02:11.693
Michael Esquer :: 02:13.246



                HPDE drivers were in for a real treat at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. With a 3 day event, drivers had lots of opportunities to advance their driving knowledge and skills on a track filled with fast technical turns paired with a new and smooth racing surface. Great job goes to each of the drivers for keeping it clean and incident free. Congratulations also go out to each of the drivers who advanced to the next level over the weekend. New to DE3 were Hunter Bennet in his Corvette Z06 and Beau Brown in his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Also moving from DE3 to DE4 were David Stark, Jim Harris, Aaron Hiar, David Hume, Richard Wasson, and Fady Salama. On another note, one California visitor to NASA-AZ was very happy to be welcomed into the DE3 and Arizona group. He had this to say; “Just wanted to thank you guys for a really great weekend at Chuckwalla. You AZ guys run a nice operation and everyone I met was really friendly.”


Next Event Info

Arizona Motorsports Park

*No guests or pit crew
*Must meet sound requirements (Sound testing available both days)
*Time Attack both days (Non points event, track records up for grabs)
*Time Trial (Non points event, track records up for grabs)
*Race Group (Test & Tune, non points event, no track records)

Feb 18-19 Registration is open click here to sign up!



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Written By: Taylor “Dr. Koby D” Wilson

Editing By: Travis Barnes

Photos by Doug Hughes from

Two Photos marked by caption from Robert Glaze of



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