FIR Main October 2012 Recap

FIR Main Recap


Photo credit: Action Photography by Selina

                The buzzing topic around Phoenix comes with the recent news that lease paperwork would not be renewed for current Firebird International Raceway management. With the future looking uncertain, NASA AZ locals came out in full force to take advantage of what could ultimately be one of the last chances to run Firebird Main, NASA configuration. Unloaded in the pro pits, NASA regulars were ready to enjoy warm weather, clear skies, and awesome track conditions a few last times.


Race Group


Photo credit: Action Photography by Selina

Saturday Small Bore


Justin Markiewicz blasted off to a quick start. Following this always fast E30 was Jim Richard and the 944 pack. Returning after a brief hiatus, Tony Lisa showed he was more than comfortable on the Firebird Main track. Within laps Lisa was on the tail of the leader and worked for position 1. Not long into the race, a battle in Honda Challenge would cause a multiple car incident putting the race under a brief full course caution. Suffering slight front end damage, Team LBR pulled off to quickly repair the fascia and jump back into the race. With a green flag waving Lisa took the lead with Justin Markiewicz and Denton following. The race would carry on from here suffering only a mild oil spill on the back section of the track but ultimately leading the racers to the checkered flag.

Saturday Small Bore Results


1st – Justin Markiewicz

2nd – David Snyder


1st – Jim Richard

944 Spec

1st – Pete Dimuzio

2nd – Rob Giorgio

3rd – Stephen Marlow

Honda Challenge H2

1st – Tony Lisa

2nd – Ryan Denton

3rd – Jason Noel


1st – Eric Jacobsen