Bondurant West April Recap!

FIR Main Recap

 How awesome is NASA AZ?!?! So awesome they can throw a track event at a venue that’s closed! That’s right, despite breaking news the week before the event that the track may be closed until further notice, NASA AZ didn’t hesitate in throwing the first ever NASA AZ event at the new Bondurant West, located conveniently next to Blue Stripe Raceway. While thus far the track and surroundings remain unchanged, it was great to see the management and staff of Bondurant out at the event to ensure everything was up to par. We can only look forward to their future enhancements that can only make each event better.

Race Group



Saturday Big Bore

                Coming out of Turn 5 Jeremy Renshaw and Michael Pinholster were gunning for the lead. Diving into turn 8, Renshaw would out break Pinholster and take the overall race lead early. Dan Maloney followed closely with the rest of the pack in tow. After a few laps, Maloney and Pinholster made the pass on Renshaw who was now being followed by Erik Davis. Running consistent 1:04 lap times, Renshaw carried a bit too much speed into turn 8 taking a detour through the dirt to pick back up on the other side of the carousel. As the track and tires heated up, Maloney reeled in Pinholster for the pass, race lead, and the win.

Saturday Big Bore Results

Super Touring 1

1st – Dan Maloney

Super Unlimited

1st – Michael Pinholster

2nd – Jim Harris

3rd – Michael Papworth

Super Touring 3

1st – Erik Davis


1st – David Schotz


1st – Martin Saltzman

2nd – Phil Buffington

3rd – Jeremy Renshaw


1st – Justin Markiewicz