2013 Time Attack Season Points

This will be updated after each event to reflect the overall season points for 2013.


Aaron Hiar :: 1010pts
Jaryd Ronquillo :: 940pts
Todd Hiar :: 799pts
Christopher Meritt :: 320pts
Ravi Tomerlin :: 260pts
Jake Casto :: 230pts
Sergio Perez :: 225pts
Jeff Abrams :: 200pts
Joe Kientz :: 138pts
Dominick Langer :: 90pts
Albert Borboa :: 90pts


Jon Via :: 875pts
Eric Malsack :: 834pts
Jeff Abrams :: 750pts
Chris Plumlee :: 413pts
Al Bellamy :: 205pts
Robert Smithson :: 200pts
Dan Haski :: 190pts
Jake Casto :: 150pts
Eric Kennel :: 145pts
Fady Salama :: 139pts
Philip Robles :: 100pts
Pablo Soria :: 90pts
Brian Comstock :: 85pts
Damien Cohrs :: 80pts
Jeremy Ward :: 75pts
Shawn Johnson :: 70pts
Mark Hathaway :: 68pts


Travis Barnes :: 845pts
Russell Whelan :: 795pts
Taylor Wilson :: 790pts
Markos Mylonas :: 480pts
John Milster :: 286pts
Jim Cozzolino :: 224pts
Chris Doyle :: 138pts
Timothy Schoeppner :: 90pts
Souly Keonavong :: 85pts
Anthony Szirka :: 85pts
Kyle Kerekffy :: 80pts
Miguel Vergara :: 69pts
Richard Wasson :: 68pts
Robert Smithson :: 67pts
David Hume :: 66pts

The Dogs of NASA AZ

The dogs of NASA AZ!

I love our NASA AZ family.  Attend a drivers meeting, a download or simply walking around the paddock and it’s does not take long to realize what makes our club so special.  It’s the people (and pets)!  Drivers, spouses, crew, friends and yes even our furry little friends.  As drivers, we bring our family and friends, so why not also bring man’s best friend too?

It’s been a long time since we’ve produced a “Who’s who” article but in lieu of a specific driver, I wanted to spend a little time focusing on some of the “track dogs”.  If I missed your pooch, it certainly wasn’t intentional and if you regularly bring your dog to the track, hit me up and we’ll add on to the article.  At the end of the day, no matter how big we get, I strive for that small town feeling where everyone simply knows everyone!




Miko hanging out with Dad in the shop.

Owner:  Brent Crosser – #206 C4 Corvette (SU)Miko is 3 years old and is an Old English Mastiff. He spends a lot of time in the shop back at home but he has also been going to race tracks (and everywhere else Brent goes) since he got him.  Brent’s oldest daughter found him at the dog pound.  He was 9 months old, covered with ticks and was full of worms.  They figure he had been abandoned and living in the woods for a couple of months!

When Brent fires up the semi to go racing, Miko comes running to the passenger door and sits there as if to say, “You’re not going racing with out me!”.  At the track, he sleeps in the trailer with Brent (awe!).  Miko is a great track dog.  He just hangs around the Crosser paddock area (unless the neighbors are barbequing then he may wonder over begging for food) until Brent puts on his driving suit, then he knows he is on his own and goes to the front of the trailer and lays down until he hears the car come back.


Harley “Race Dog”

Owner:  Jim Harris – #41 Pro Truck (TTR)

Harley_and_Jim chuckwalla weekend2Harley is a 3 year old mini pin. He has been going to the race track since Jim started with NASA back in May of 2011.  He loves to ride on the quad in his basket and hear the roar of the race cars and trucks.  He also loves to ride motorcycles and stays AZ DOT legal by wearing sun glasses to protect his eyes from the air/wind/sun.  Despite his tiny size, this brave little dog is not afraid of much, including Miko!


Let’s let our hair down and ride!






Owner:  Jeremy Renshaw – #11 BMW M3 (PTA / GTS3)


Really Mom? Did you have to publicly *shame* me at nasaaz.com?

Lily is a 5 year old white lab.  Jeremy and his wife Angie got her when she was 6 weeks old just after Christmas in December 2007. She attended her first track event in January 2008 at FIR West. She was so tiny and didn’t know how to walk on a leash so Angie had to carry her around the paddock (awe!).

When we used to race at PIR, Lily would come out to every event. They would bring her out Friday night while Jeremy was sitting up his pit, and back out on Saturday nights for the NASA BBQ. She is a people magnet; everyone loves to “come say hi” as she is always smiling and happy!

Lily_puppyWhen we go out of town, Lily sleeps in the trailer, on her dog bed, right next to the couple on their mattress (and she tries to creep up on to the mattress with them throughout the night!).  She loves to see us packing up for an event and gets extremely excited when we put her collar on because that means SHE’S COMING TOO!



Lexa & Dede

Owner:  Leland Forbes – #510 Acura Integra (HC2)

Leland3Leland explained his dog acquisition story as one that started off with a long night of drinking at a friend’s house when he made a comment, “you know, i want a dog“.  Come Monday, a SUV pulls up to his house and out comes a spotty white puppy in such a hurry to get away completes a graceful exit consisting of a nose dive face plant to the asphalt finishing up with a tumble.   Once back on all 4 legs Leland takes her inside were she relieves herself(pees) on the tile…  Lelands words from that moment were, “Awe, my Lexa!”

As if inheriting a dog based off a single drunken comment wasn’t enough, family and friends soon heard of Leland’s new dog ownership status and quickly jumped at the opportunity to drop off “Dede” when life’s struggles didn’t allow them to take care of her anymore.  As if going from “0” dogs to “2” dogs in about a 1 week time span wasn’t enough, 3 weeks later when returning from work, Leland found Dede had given birth to five additional puppies!  The good news was Leland was able to find homes for them all when they were old enough to leave mama.


“Hi, I’m Lexa!”

Lexa is believed to be a Dalmatian & Lab mix and approximately 4 and a half years old.  She holds a record of 0-30 as a professional Lizard Hunter and will at any time share her licks and/or fur coat with anyone.
DeDe I think is a pitbull or looks like one and approximately 4 and a half.  She is a wiggly handful, runs crazy fast and on any given cold or blazing hot night while ever so gingerly will sneak into Leland’s bed when he’s sleeping.


Hi, I’m Dede!

Dede is more of a hand full at the track and sisters need time apart every now and then. Gabe Wiley basically stole DeDe last time she was out(doggy sat for me). Lexa likes the race track and liked to chew on the marbles of PIR nascar t3. Lexa did release my fire extinguisher latch with her leash just before fir east sb race last year… had to pull in for Paul B to put back in place.





Owner:  Mark Alger – #5 Dodge Viper (ST1/TTU)

Alaska or bust!

Alaska or bust!

Beamer is 9 years old. He’s your typical Golden Retriever-very loyal & very mellow. He sleeps on the floor-at home & in the fifth wheel with Mark (and sometimes his family).  He loves to travel but not fond of loud noises! Never wanting to miss an opportunity to be part of the action, he reserves his spot in the truck whether we’re packing for the racetrack or a 3 month Alaskan adventure!






Owner:  Russell Wheland – #460 Nissan Skyline (TTU)

Naudia 13

Sorry Russ, you can’t be a passenger while Naudia is driving on track.

Naudia is 10 years old and a wonderfully calm and peacefully puppy.  She’s still really active and loves to run and play at home but has no problem with, and doesn’t have to be told to chill out when things are calm.  According to Russ she will just lay at your feet and chill while he is doing whatever.

"Don't worry Dad.  I'll keep the NASA AZ pranksters away from your car!"

“Don’t worry Dad. I’ll keep the NASA AZ pranksters away from your car!”

Russ’ girlfriend Tara got her when she was just a puppy and has had her ever since. She sleeps pretty much wherever she wants to. Sometimes she wants to stay outside and enjoy the weather but lately with the colder weather she’ll sleep on her bed in the living room or at the base of mom & dad’s bed.  She is an awesome traveler making it an easy decision to bring her along!  Every time Russ & Tara take a trip Naudia gets so excited to go and makes sure she stays on her best behavior.  She really seemed to love the track so expect to see more of her with Russ!



Owner:  Justin McClanahan – HPDE4 & NASA Tech / Operations official

Zeke_Justin_MJustin adopted Zeke from a friend ~2007’ish when he was a little over 6 months old. He’s an Alaskan Husky. He’s still very hyper and loves people, so bringing him to the track is a bit of a chore.  With Justin working tech and safety makes for a busy weekend and doesnt leave much time for the attention that these typically hyperactive dogs require.  With that said, he normally stays at home during in town events and with friends when we’re out of town for the weekend but NASA AZ regulars will see him on occasion.

Zeke loves to hang out in the garage with Justin and he will lay in the grass on lookout while he washes the cars in the driveway as well. He doesn’t howl, bark or get overly excited at loud cars or noises, but he does recognize aftermarket exhausts. When a ricer drives by, his ears perk up and he may glance towards the window, but deeper turbo cars will cause him to run to the window next to the front door.



Owner:  Tage & Adina Evanson – Regional Director

Christmas bone!

This is Koni (yes as in the shock absorber company!).  He has only come to the track once but that’s enough justification (for me) to include our wild and crazy dog into the story.  He did great at the track until on his first weekend to Chuckwalla in Feb 2012 until he ended up biting another dog (actually “Beamer” – Mark Alger’s dog!  Doh!).  Despite him doing so well, we felt it best if we just left him at home going forward.  :-/

We’ve had Koni and his sister SeeBee since they were just tiny pups.  His sister passed away when I was at Nationals in 2011 (sniff, sniff).  The wife and I argue how long Koni was a “(bad) pup” for but it was somewhere around 7-9 years before he calmed down.  Those first years were not all that great.  LOL!  He dug holes, destroyed carpet/furniture, shed more than physically possible for a dog his size, ate more than he should, was terrible with kids and was pretty much an all around bad dog.  Then around that 7-9 year mark he magically transformed into a GREAT dog.  He has a lot of silly nicknames like “Korn Cob” or “Koni-Korn-a-cola” but our favorite and most often used is “Korn dog”.



Owner:  Todd Hought – VW GTI (HPDE3)
"Man, I hope my friends on Facebook, don't find this pic of me on the internet!"

“Man, I hope my friends on Facebook, don’t find this pic of me on the internet!”

Todd (aka – “superv” on our forum) is a part time NASA course flagging marshall and has been working his way up the HPDE program.  He has four dogs!  Every one of them came to his house as either a rescue dog or dogs looking to get rescued by showing up and never leaving!

Unfortunately, none of his dogs do well with loud noises (i.e.  racetracks) with the exception of “Huck” who will be venturing out to our local events going forward.  Huck’s life didn’t start out too well as he was used essentially as a bait dog for breeding aggressive dogs.  🙁  This story isn’t all sad though since, his new owner Todd was able to turn his life around and provide a happy ending by creating an environment that allows Huck to be the most stupid-friendly dog ever born.  🙂


Isis & Anubis
Owners: Hunter and Jenette Bennett – #138 Corvette Z06 (DE4)
AnubisIsis Isis - squirrelis a 2 year old black and tan female and Anubis is a male black and tan.  Anubis is only 10 months old yet he outweighs Isis by about 20 lbs. already! He is a big boy! Despite the Doberman Pinscher reputation in pop culture as vicious guard dogs (*sigh*…thank you, Magnum PI), dobermans are lovable and extremely friendly and make excellent family dogs. Isis is very well trained and knows several commands but her younger brother, Anubis, is still learning. Isis and Anubis love to travel and hang out around the RV with mom & dad at nearly every NASA AZ event.  They are very friendly with other dogs (and people) so feel free to stop by and say hi!Tug of War
Owner: Hal Dunn – #51 Porsche (944 Spec) / Ford Mustang (TT)
Must... finish... first!

Must… finish… first!

This is Freddy, a Short Haired, Dapple Coated Dachsund. He is soon to be 8 years old and made his first track event at Chuckwalla in December. Freddy is happiest when the track is cold in the morning and evening and he can do a “track walk”.  Dachsund’s were originally bred to chase badgers down holes and Freddy’s instinct definitely kicks in with all the small animal holes out in the desert. He loves to stop and inspect each one and occasionally do a little digging around those that smell particularly promising. All the exccitement and activity surrounding the event might have been a little overwhelming at first, but he soon settled down and adjusted to the routine and schedule. Freddy and Ball 4Freddy never missed a download or a driver’s meeting despite the supersized schedule and crewing for the enduro! He waited expectantly in the RV for each session to end, peering out the door for a glimpse of the little white car that signaled Daddy’s return. He has never been more exhausted or slept sounder than he did at CVR. Freddy made a lot of new friends, had some great adventures, and will definitely be back!…Woof Woof

Chuckwalla December 2012 Recap

Despite being in the middle of nowhere, one trip to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and it is easy to understand why NASA Arizona considers this wonderful race track as our home away from home. Everyone gets access to a nicely paved paddock, pay at the pump fuel station, the nice permanent bathrooms w/private showers, a quiet classroom and a large covered area/tent for the Sat night BBQ. What more could you ask for? How about the best overall track for both HPDE, TA, TT and racing!

Granite countertops and private showers at a race track?!?!  This certainly isn't FIR!  ;-)

Granite countertops and private showers at a race track?!?! This certainly isn’t FIR! 😉

Perfect weather, an ample driver turnout, camping and lots of member camaraderie made this event one to remember. Sometimes just getting to the track is more than half the battle. Rod Holt, a local instructor and long time NASA member was on his way when he got a flat. This inconvenience turned into disaster when Rod realized he didn’t have a security key to access the spare! Feeling slightly under the weather, fearing the worse and seeing no resolution in sight along comes fellow NASA members Justin Markiewicz and Doug Evans who saw a fellow NASA family member in distress. Justin actually saw Holt initially too late and had to drive an additional 12 miles to the next exit to turn around and save the day (he had the proper key). Way to go NASA AZ for taking care of each other!  Another close call was Mike Pinnholster had his trailer tongue pop off the ball! Yes, those safety chains really do work as Mike can attest to. Luckily the only damage was a bend trailer tongue jack.

The non-driving highlight of Friday was when the militarty did practice touch and goes on the airport runway dusting all the drivers out!

The non-driving highlight of Friday was when the militarty did practice touch and goes on the nearby airport runway dusting all the drivers out!

Friday Test & Tune

 The weekend started off on Friday with an open track “Test & Tune” day. Members really dug the open track format and value of lots of easy access to the track. We’ll do more of these at Chuckwalla but they will likely be hosted directly by the track (not by NASA AZ). About the only bad/unexpected news was how quickly the sunlight fades near sundown. According to the interwebz the sunset was predicted to be slightly past 5PM. However, once on site we learned that the track is only allowed to run car on the track from “sunrise to sunset”. The definition of “sunset” could have been a debate topic, but officials decided to keep the peace and ended the day a little early when Chuckwalla staff said we needed to end.




On Saturday, we were scheduled for our annual 3 hour enduro. Due to “sunset” happening sooner than expected the race was ended around the 2 hour 40 min mark. For most of our local racers this was more than enough time already but thanks to all the drivers for being understanding in this manor. To make the most use of the track time NASA AZ schedules a sprint race within the enduro.

25MPH pit speed limit was strictly enforced

25MPH pit speed limit was strictly enforced

The way it worked was the first 45 mins of the race is regular points and a race to the (1st) checker. Sprint racers keep up the pace and immediately exit to the hot pits while the enduro racers battle it out and test the longevity of their vehicles, mind and body. Pit stop strategy becomes a critical component of the overall racecraft and results and is a blast to watch! No teams were penalized for fuel spills but several were caught excessively speeding through the hot pits and were brought in for a stop and go.

Lots of last minute "Enduro classing" was added to race cars on Saturday

Last minute “Enduro classing” was added to race cars on Saturday

Perhaps the most entertaining thing to watch out of the enduro was the Team Truspeed Porsche GT3 Cup car piloted by Tom Haacker and Jim Slavik. This team took 2nd overall in last years NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill and it was clear to see this wasn’t these guys first rodeo! Running consistent lap times in the low 1:50s for the entire race and executing one of the most amazing pit stops NASA AZ has ever seen!  Talking to this team on Friday evening, we learned they were preparing for the 24 hours of LeMans! Woah… Talk about taking it to the next level and while they were clearly prepped beyond any of our regulars, they were still NASA members & “regulars” and certainly deserving of the overall win.  After the race, Haacker commended how much fun he had and enjoyed racing with us. He was as sincere as could be when he described all our racers as, pure gentlemen. Bravo guys!

Unfortunately HC2 had a real heart break story from this event.  Doug Evans the points leader and Series Director for Honda Challenge, simply had to finish both races to capture the season championship.  During the Sat enduro race, Evans’ motor decided to let go and Doug could do nothing but watch his season championship slip away.  🙁  Switching gears though, this allowed an amazing come from behind win for Eric Dayton who was able to demonstrate that consistent persistence, dedication and a little luck allowed him to cruise his way to the coveted season Championship for 2012.  Congrats Eric!

Acts of great sportsmanship happen at each of our events and this one was no different. One specific example were when Team LBR (Gabe Ortega & Mervin Tan) experienced a failed wheel bearing on Saturday. Direct competitor Tony Lisa gave us his own spare and master Acura tech Simon Pavlick (also an HC2 competitor) helped install it so LBR could still race on Sunday. More importantly it saved LBR a 3 hour round trip to town and instead allowed the entire HC field to enjoy some downtime at the BBQ to enjoy some food, drink and good bench racing. Great stuff guys!

"944 Spec" is a great group of racers and one of the most affordable race classes w/NASA

“944 Spec” is a great group of racers and one of the most affordable race classes w/NASA

Thinking about race group in 2013 but not sure what car or class you want to run? 944 Spec, HC2 and SU have been the biggest classes of 2012 but a class that will see explosive growth in 2013 will be GTS3. With a major change to the PT/ST series rules and elimination of the PTA class, nearly all of the 2012 PTA racers will be moving to GTS3 next year. Additionally, there are other GTS3 racers from other orgs that will be joining back with NASA next year. There could easily be 7+ GTS3 competitors at each event next year.

Congrats to David James, NASA Arizona’s newest racer! David ran the full 3 hours by himself and was able to stay drama free and for the duration of the race.

NASA So Cal – you guys rock! Thank you so much for coming to support our region. We hope to see you all (and more) again in January!

Overall Saturday Race Results

1 45 tom haacker 74 2:34:22.970 1:52.343 46 86.200
151423, Porsche, 911 GT3 Cup
2 4x Mark Alger 73 2:34:50.667 1 Lap 1:52.261 2 86.263
127781, dodge, Viper CC
3 19 Steve  Lisa 73 2:36:02.358 1:11.691 1:55.664 31 83.725
4 78 Matthew Seech 70 2:35:30.279 4 Laps 2:00.747 67 80.201
110394, BMW, M3
5 325 James Fluckey 68 2:35:04.463 6 Laps 2:02.218 9 79.235
102544, BMW, 325is
6 11 Jeremy Renshaw 67 2:35:22.508 7 Laps 2:01.570 62 79.658
117954, BMW, M3
7 44 Jim Richard 64 2:35:29.067 10 Laps 2:06.447 50 76.585
111931, Porsche, Boxster
8 51 Harold Dunn 62 2:34:42.033 12 Laps 2:14.611 43 71.941
127008, Ford, Mustang GT
9 019 Tony Lisa 61 2:36:09.286 13 Laps 2:04.350 39 77.877
10 21 Eric Dayton 49 2:34:15.831 25 Laps 2:08.932 27 75.109
11 70 David Snyder 47 2:36:21.233 27 Laps 2:08.637 15 75.282
151789, Mazda, RX8
12 510 Leland Forbes 45 2:36:08.509 29 Laps 2:08.119 42 75.586
13 469 Team LBR 37 1:37:21.362 37 Laps 2:12.825 12 72.908
14 25 David James 33 2:35:49.508 41 Laps 2:27.301 29 65.743
136436, Acura, Integra
15 58 michael papworth 22 2:06:15.148 52 Laps 2:20.738 11 68.809
129731, Chevy, Corvette Z06
16 63 michael arnheiter 20 46:44.892 54 Laps 1:58.211 16 81.921
149042, pontiac, grand prix
17 6 Chuck Tasker 20 46:47.898 3.006 1:59.425 10 81.089
18 10 Mike Beeler 20 46:50.419 5.527 1:59.370 6 81.126
115254, Port City, Monte Carlo
19 524 Brian Turner 19 45:24.919 55 Laps 2:02.070 9 79.332
132681, Porsche, 911
20 30 Martin Saltzman 19 45:28.500 3.581 2:02.069 9 79.332
105294, BMW, M3
21 167 Erik Davis 19 45:33.907 8.988 2:01.721 16 79.559
140817, Porsche, 911
22 288 Justin Markiewicz 19 46:05.165 40.246 2:05.464 6 77.185
130299, BMW, E30
23 624 Simon Pavlick 19 46:29.524 1:04.605 2:06.319 13 76.663
131108, Acura, Integra
24 99 Norm Hamden 19 47:02.025 1:37.106 2:07.495 12 75.956
25 95 Douglas Evans 19 47:11.773 1:46.854 2:10.103 12 74.433
127415, Acura, Integra
26 512 Jim Richmond 18 45:37.097 56 Laps 2:10.057 17 74.460
126139, Porsche, 944
27 08 Dave Hauck 18 45:40.795 3.698 2:10.406 8 74.260
126942, porsche, 944
28 78x john niedernhofer 18 45:44.810 7.713 2:09.684 13 74.674
138235, porsche, 944
29 55 Rob Giorgio 18 45:52.431 15.334 2:09.884 12 74.559
145568, porsche, 944
30 313 Jim Hicks 18 45:55.190 18.093 2:09.949 14 74.522
131176, Porsche, 944
31 28 Dean Schaefer 18 46:38.650 1:01.553 2:14.640 8 71.925
125738, Porsche, 944
32 17 Barry Blythe 18 46:43.094 1:05.997 2:14.221 13 72.150
33 20 Rob Davis 18 47:27.310 1:50.213 2:15.924 7 71.246
143494, Porsche, 944
34 04 Michael Pinholster 4 45:49.056 70 Laps 2:03.983 1 78.107
119609, Radical, Sr-3
35 47x Stephen Marlow 2 9:52.592 72 Laps 2:16.957 1 70.708
125339, Porsche, 944


Sunday “Small Bore” Race Results

Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap Best speed
Class HC2
1 019 Tony Lisa 12 28:54.739 2:03.440 4 78.451
2 469 Team LBR 12 29:54.067 59.328 2:06.900 6 76.312
3 510 Leland Forbes 12 30:35.966 1:41.227 2:07.123 6 76.178
4 21 Eric Dayton 12 30:39.064 1:44.325 2:11.210 5 73.805
Class PT-C
1 288 Justin Markiewicz 12 29:07.325 2:04.731 4 77.639
130299, BMW, E30
2 70 David Snyder 12 29:58.048 50.723 2:07.419 6 76.001
151789, Mazda, RX8
Class PT-E
1 624 Simon Pavlick 12 29:31.549 2:04.945 6 77.506
131108, Acura, Integra
2 25 David James 11 30:33.939 1 Lap 2:21.409 2 68.482
136436, Acura, Integra
Class PT-D
1 44 Jim Richard 12 30:01.302 2:07.411 6 76.006
111931, Porsche, Boxster
2 17 Barry Blythe 12 30:38.170 36.868 2:11.740 10 73.508
Class 944 Spec
1 99 Norm Hamden 12 30:26.195 2:06.445 4 76.587
2 78x john niedernhofer 12 30:28.814 2.619 2:08.474 6 75.377
138235, porsche, 944
3 55 Rob Giorgio 12 30:47.977 21.782 2:08.115 9 75.588
145568, porsche, 944
4 313 Jim Hicks 12 30:50.945 24.750 2:08.827 11 75.171
131176, Porsche, 944
5 28 Dean Schaefer 11 29:00.308 1 Lap 2:12.937 6 72.847
125738, Porsche, 944
6 51 Harold Dunn 11 29:16.190 15.882 2:13.505 7 72.537
127008, Ford, Mustang GT
7 20 Rob Davis 11 30:00.050 59.742 2:16.953 6 70.710
143494, Porsche, 944
8 08 Dave Hauck 1 7:03.435 11 Laps 2:36.745 1 61.782
126942, porsche, 944
Not classified
DQ 512 Jim Richmond 12 30:26.379 2:07.759 7 75.799


Sunday “Big Bore” Race Results

Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap Best speed
Class SU
1 36 Clay Koevary 13 29:08.852 1:54.620 1 84.488
112894, Porsche, GT3R
2 63 michael arnheiter 13 29:33.560 24.708 1:57.638 4 82.320
149042, pontiac, grand prix
3 10 Mike Beeler 13 29:42.040 33.188 1:57.950 13 82.103
115254, Port City, Monte Carlo
4 04 Michael Pinholster 13 29:59.627 50.775 2:00.457 8 80.394
119609, Radical, Sr-3
5 6 Chuck Tasker 13 30:00.238 51.386 1:59.202 2 81.240
6 58 michael papworth 2 8:56.079 11 Laps 2:27.268 1 65.758
129731, Chevy, Corvette Z06
Class GTS3
1 167 Erik Davis 13 29:41.327 1:58.888 3 81.455
140817, Porsche, 911
2 30 Martin Saltzman 13 30:07.672 26.345 2:00.356 2 80.461
105294, BMW, M3
Class PT-A
1 11 Jeremy Renshaw 13 29:50.344 1:59.676 2 80.918
117954, BMW, M3
2 78 Matthew Seech 13 29:50.703 0.359 2:00.030 9 80.680
110394, BMW, M3
Class PT-C
1 49 Emilio Cervantes 12 29:24.772 2:02.616 12 78.978
139507, mazda, miata


Detailed Race & TT results my Mylaps here –> http://www.mylaps.com/results/showevent.jsp?id=860114


Time Trial

Since this was NASA Arizona’s first time at Chuckwalla in the CCW configuration, a track record was baselined in every class participated in.  If you are one of the lucky few to hold a track record, watch out in January as many will be looking to knock you off the board as we will run this configuration once again.  TT Director Jeremy Renshaw surprised competitors with the addition of “Track Record” certificates going forward.  Several were handed out for the Oct and Nov events and will start doing them for each and every event going forward.  NASA TT competitors should also look forward to awards being handed out at each and every event in 2013.

Overall Sat TT results

Pos No. Name Overall BestTm
1 4 Mark Alger 01:48.8
2 36 Clay Koevary 01:49.2
3 331 Bob Blizzard 01:53.0
4 57 Ken Gerhart 01:58.7
5 34 David Schotz 01:59.1
6 36 Richard Koevary 01:59.7
7 41 Jim Harris 02:00.4
8 19 Steve Lisa 02:00.6
9 20 Wayne Oxtoby 02:01.0
10 16 Robert Rose 02:02.7
11 78 Matthew Seech 02:03.4
12 1 Ronald Graham 02:04.0
13 460 Russell Whelan 02:04.4
14 499 Ravi Tomerlin 02:04.8
15 134 Joel Schotz 02:05.0
16 26 Jim Cozzolino 02:05.8
17 447 Jon Via 02:07.3
18 420 Jeff Abrams 02:07.4
19 1 Jason   Griepentrog 02:08.2
20 2 Kevin Gay 02:09.3
21 44 Jim Richard 02:09.4
22 6 Brett Lengel 02:10.7
23 70 David Snyder 02:11.8
24 37 Arty Whitmore 02:12.3
25 363 Scott Kramer 02:12.4
26 51x Hal Dunn 02:13.2
27 883 Aaron Hiar 02:13.3
28 14 anthony szirka 02:13.4
29 337 Nathan Welborne 02:14.4
30 21 Eric Jacobsen 02:15.9
31 51 Paul Bloomberg 02:16.4

Overall Sun TT results

Pos No. Name Overall BestTm
1 4 Mark Alger 01:48.2
2 331 Bob Blizzard 01:51.7
3 34 David Schotz 01:57.8
4 57 Ken Gerhart 01:59.1
5 505 Chris Willson 01:59.2
6 20 Wayne Oxtoby 01:59.7
7 41 Jim Harris 02:00.6
8 49 Emilio Cervantes 02:00.8
9 1 Ronald Graham 02:02.3
10 16 Robert Rose 02:02.4
11 7 Fulton Haight 02:02.8
12 460 Russell Whelan 02:03.1
13 26 Jim Cozzolino 02:03.7
14 499 Ravi Tomerlin 02:03.8
15 624 Simon Pavlick 02:04.4
16 288 Justin   Markiewicz 02:04.7
17 134 Joel Schotz 02:05.8
18 544 Robert Smithson 02:06.2
19 44 Jim Richard 02:06.3
20 420 Jeff Abrams 02:06.9
21 1 Jason   Griepentrog 02:07.1
22 2 Kevin Gay 02:07.7
23 117 Patrick Orozco 02:07.8
24 447 Jon Via 02:08.0
25 70 David Snyder 02:08.2
26 66 Hugh Batt 02:09.0
27 337 Nathan Welborne 02:10.2
28 883 Aaron Hiar 02:10.7
29 363 Scott Kramer 02:10.8
30 51x Hal Dunn 02:11.8
31 37 Arty Whitmore 02:11.8
32 388 Stenos Wijaya 02:13.7
33 36 Richard Koevary 02:14.1
34 14 anthony szirka 02:17.2

2012 Season Awards

Are you a top 3 finisher in your respective class and attended at least half of the season events for your series?  Well good news if so as you earned yourself a regional award!

Race Group Season Points –> http://www.nasaaz.com/results/race-results/race-group-results/

Time Trial Season Points –> http://www.nasa-tt.com/Arizona_Standings/p2040_articleid/84

We are making every effort to get these done before the January event and will distribute awards then.

Time Attack

The UMS Tuning Time Attack continue to prove to be successful and allow for advanced level HPDE drivers a place to compete in a controlled environment.  Providing an environment of traffic free “open track” allows drivers to see what time they are really capable of and makes for one data point to determine when they are ready for the NASA Time Trial series.  This was the last event of the series and double points for the TA’ers.  Congrats to all the 2012 season TA Champions (Stenos Wijaya, Robert Smithson & Jim Cozzolino) for a long hard points battle!



NASA does not discriminate against any make or model car.  Anyone can run with NASA!

NASA does not discriminate against any make or model car. Anyone can run with NASA!

The HPDE1 & 2 combined group for the whole weekend was great. Everyone loved the CCW layout and mentioned that they’ll be back for the one in Jan. Awesome! Jake Casto and Mert Ozsoyler displayed some great improvement and were promoted to HPDE3. Great job guys and welcome to HPDE3. Keep it up! HPDE3 & 4 ran as a combined group and everyone did great with awareness and traffic management. The HPDE4 group had four drivers that displayed outstanding driver skill, awareness and pure speed which earned them a NASA Time Trial License. Congratulations guys/gal!

• Souly Keonavong – Evo
• Wes Hanson – GTR
• Marissa Wright – Audi TT
• Chris Doyle – 350z

P.S. As a reminder to all HPDE drivers that have a passenger. If your passenger happens to get sick during their ride and you insist on stopping on the race track, 😮 PLEASE make sure you pull off the track into a safe area before coming to a stop. Thx! 🙂


Chapel Service

On Sun, Chaplain Aaron Schwartzbart provided participants with one of the most interesting and entertaining experiments highlighting the differences of facts vs faith on a bag of popcorn! Aaron was a “Rocket Scientist” for 27 years before leaving that career for a full time gig in ministry. He’s down to Earth and great to listen to regardless of your Christian denomination. He’s can also give you lots of great examples of how “Faith” and “Science” can co-exist together w/o contradicting each other. We will be trying to book him again for the January event so if you have the time or have ever been curious about Christianity, just come by and say hi. He won’t make you feel weird, we promise. 🙂
Check out one of his websites and entertaining videos here –> http://streetracermusicvideo.com/


Safety and Clean up

The NASA clean up crew on Sunday night

The NASA clean up crew on Sunday night

Last but certainly not least, our two regular hired Firemen have certainly transitioned from hired help to being a part of the NASA AZ family. They support our events, provide track cleanup services, tows and most importantly keep everyone SAFE when the unexpected happens (they also stay until the end and help us pack up the equipment trailer!). When you see Kyle and Mike sitting in the silver dually at our next event, take a moment and let them know you appreciate them keeping us all safe.




Next Event

In January, we'll run CCW again!

In January, we’ll run CCW again!

Regardless if you missed the December event or simply want more of the same, register now for the January 12 & 13 event weekend @ https://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1541

Written by:  Tage Evanson

Photos courtesy of:  Caliphotography, Stephen Busler, Norm Hamden, Krystal Wright

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