2017 Schedule

To register for any of the below events, click here (or cut and paste this link –> be re-directed to the NASA National site where you can sign up for any NASA event.

NOTE:  We only have registration open for the “upcoming” (or current) event.  Future event registration will open only after the current event is over (i.e.  typically “Monday” following an event).
  • January 28 & 29:  Wild Horse Pass (WHP) Main Track
  • February 18 & 19:  Chuckwalla
  • March 11 & 12:  Wild Horse Pass (WHP) East Track
  • April 22 & 23:  Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP) – Race points events both days
  • May 20 & 21:  Auto Club Raceway (So Cal crossover – Race & TT points both days)
  • June 3 (1/2 day summer condensed schedule):  Wild Horse Pass (WHP) East Track
  • July:  no events scheduled
  • August:  no events scheduled
  • September 9 (1/2 day summer condensed schedule):  Wild Horse Pass (WHP) West Track (CW)
  • October 6-8:  Western States Championships @ Thunderhill – single points event awarded for actual placement (@ Main Championship Race for “Race Group” & final finishing position for TT) x “1.3” (Ex: 1st place = 100 x 1.3 = 130 points, 2nd place = 90 x 1.3 = 117 points, … ). NOTE: Fractional points rounded up to the next whole number.
  • October 28 & 29:  Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP CW/Sat & CCW/Sun) – HPDE, TT & Race (TT points both days, Reg Race points on Sat / Australian Pursuit on Sun – no points… but it will have some cool trophies)
  • November 18 & 19 – Wild Horse Pass (WHP) Main Track –> *Double Points* (details TBD)
  • December 9 – Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP) – HPDE & TT points event (no Race)


Team Safety Driving School

The finest defensive driving school in Arizona (and possibly the entire country) and geared just for teenagers/new drivers!

Details Event Schedules

These can be found in our “Registration” section of our online forum here.  Please note that we need to see registration trends before the exact schedule can be put together as there are many dependencies and the size of each group needs to be determined/estimated before a draft schedule can be posted.  In general, here is what drivers can expect:

  • A draft schedule is typically posted on our forum about 2 weeks before the event and adjusted real time when necessary as additional entries come in
  • All drivers need to attend the drivers meeting on Sat morning @ 7:30AM (for most events)
  • First group of cars will be on track by 7:50-8:00AM
  • HPDE drivers will get four 20 minute sessions per day
  • Time Trial competitors will typically get four competition sessions per day.  NOTE:  We split all the TT competitors into two groups which we refer to as “Small Bore” and “Big Bore” which is generally TTB-TTF and TTU-TT3.  When the groups are split, each group gets 15 mins.  If the two groups are combined, then it is a 20 minute session.
  • All pre-registered drivers will receive an email with a subject line “NASA Arizona – Final Event Details” on Wednesday or Thursday night (before a Sat/Sun weekend event) and that email will include a confirmed final schedule along with everything you need to know about the event.
  • HPDE1 drivers should receive an additional welcome letter from the Chief Driving Instructor with additional first timer info on either Wednesday or Thursday (2-3 days before) the event.  HPDE1 will also have three classroom sessions on Saturday with the first session starting immediately after the morning drivers meeting.   NOTE:  There is typically no option to do HPDE1 on Sunday only.