Why Choose NASA?

We know you have various groups to choose from. So here is some of what makes NASA stand out as Arizona’s premier sports car racing and high performance driving organization:

NASA Arizona Region’s management has many decades of combined experience operating events at racetracks all over the country. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Without your participation, there would be no more events and much less fun for all of us. If you are not satisfied with your experience we will make it right, guaranteed.

Weekend Events
All our events are on premium weekends. We don’t run weekday events, so you don’t have to take days off of work. And we offer single-day entries in all groups if being away all weekend doesn’t suit your schedule.

Ladder System
We offer the full spectrum of four HPDE levels, a Time Trial group, and wheel-to-wheel roadracing at almost every event – this is affectionately referred to as the “NASA Ladder of Speed.” Since driver admittance at each step is based on skill and experience, every group builds upon the prior one and leads directly to the next one. With no prior experience you start in HPDE1 driving your street car, get signed off by your instructor for HPDE2, graduate up the ladder through HPDE3 and HPDE4 with fewer restrictions, then either enter our Time Trial group, enter one of our Competition Licensing weekends and go racing (assuming you’ve got a racecar and safety gear), or perhaps even become a HPDE instructor yourself. This all takes place during alternating track sessions on the same weekends for everyone to see, and any step on our ladder provides tons of fun whether you want to climb any further or not. We have also graduated many racers into professional series over the years as a result of our comprehensive system.

We know your time is valuable so we do not waste it. This starts with your first message to our regional staff, which we try to responded to within minutes or hours – not days or weeks. Once your questions have been answered and you are ready to sign up, our clean and simple event registration system was built and is maintained entirely in-house just like our websites, which means if you have any problems the solution is just one quick email or call away anytime.
As an event gets closer, any questions you may have are probably answered on the web page about that event. Entry lists, tentative schedules, and confirmation/details emails are posted there for all to see.
Once at the track there is usually no check-in, most participants will get their wristbands from group leaders after the drivers meeting. Competition vehicles/drivers can even skip tech inspections at events thanks to our streamlined process. This all means shorter lines and less wasted time on the usually quite busy first morning of an event. Again this is to make it so you have more time for fun – and relaxation in between!

Putting on safe events is the cornerstone of our organization – almost all our rules and procedures are in place for safety reasons. At the track we staff all appropriate corner stations with specially trained flagging & communications workers and don’t cut corners on this or any other area of safety. We have dedicated, fully equipped safety / rescue trucks and ambulances and tow trucks on full-time standby should the need arise. These advantages can make the difference between life and death in a serious accident.

Track Time
We offer as much track time as possible for your dollar spent, not to mention your weekend spent away from home.  Best of all you can enter two groups for a significant discount, as a “Supersize” entry, and get twice as much track time if that’s what you are after! We also put a lot of time and energy into making sure the track time we offer is high quality and that you get everything you paid for whenever possible, so our “dollars per minute of seat time” ratio is among the best in the business as a result.

Winnings in Competition Groups
In addition to trophies and other prizes, our competition groups have great contingency programs thanks to supporting partners like Toyo Tires, Hoosier Racing Tire, Hawk Performance Brakes, BFGoodrich Tires, Ford Racing, Nissan Motorsports, Honda Racing, MazdaSpeed, Yokohama Tires, and more. This means that yes, absolutely, in Time Trial and racing you can win free tires and brakes which definitely lowers your running costs each season. Please click here for contingency program details.

National Organization
Although we primarily serve residents in the state of Arizona, anyone is welcome at our events and it is common for drivers to come from all over the world to run with us.  Since we are part of a much larger organization with many different regions and full time staff at the national office in California, there is an excellent support system in place that is available nearly 24/7. Our highly competent Officials and staff are trained to provide a high level of “professionalism and fun” both regionally and nationally – including SFI Certification for our tech inspectors as of 2014. Even better, with your membership and/or license you can participate in many other NASA events across the country that will all be very similar… have you ever wanted to take a long weekend and run a “bucket list” track like VIR? And best of all, when you enter the world of NASA competition groups you get the chance to test your skills against the best of the best at the NASA Championships. This program is unique and demonstrates the highest levels of our “ladder of speed” for sure!

Most drivers don’t even consider this until they realize it’s an issue and they find out the event organizer is carrying the minimum amount required. NASA offers by far the most protection in the business. We have $1M in excess medical coverage. That means if you need to be airlifted to a hospital and the bill comes to $30k which is not covered by your own insurance you pay nothing as our insurance steps in. Most other groups only carry less than $50k in medical coverage so this is a vital benefit nearly unparalleled in the industry. We also cover you for third party liability insurance in case someone not participating in the event sues you for an accident such as a loose wheel injuring a spectator.

We have the most experienced & highest quality instructors that most other groups use as their standard. We offer mandatory instruction for HPDE1 drivers to help make the track environment more controlled, and all later graduating to higher HPDE levels is done via check rides or lead/follow sessions with instructors.

Many drivers from many different organizations and even other NASA regions have commented how the Arizona Region is so friendly.  Nearly every NASA region will have stories of how NASA feels more like a family than it simply an organization to drive your car fast. We like to refer to this as the NASA difference and must be experienced to understand how our events feel and the camaraderie that comes with driving with us.  They can be especially felt at the events outside of the Phoenix metro area where we host a Sat night social which is one of the things we are most known for and proud of.  We do a full dinner BBQ with plenty of drinks and benchracing that extends into the night and after parties!  It is way more fun to hang out with your fellow participants and swap stories than it is to disappear to the trailer or hotel until the next morning!

We ask that you please consider all these great things about NASA when choosing your events!