Chuckwalla 2013 Finale

Chuckwalla 2013 Finale Recap

Snow is beginning to fall across the country. Drivers are trading summer tires for winter tires and preparing to scrape ice from their windshields. However, Arizona drivers don’t have time for that, they go racing all year long! The NASA AZ year end finale meant for cool mornings, beautiful afternoons, and of course after hour shenanigans topped by no other region. To close the year, NASA AZ drivers made the trip to Desert Center, California, home of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. The schedule was full from the usual Racing, TT, and HPDE sessions, along with a bonus endurance race and finally “Anidas” special end of the year competition.

It takes a great group of friends and family to make the organization we love a success every year. Not only do officials and drivers work hard throughout the 11 month season, but volunteers make sure to support what the drivers love to do. We want to thank everyone from corner workers, instructors, officials, participants and of course Tage and Adina for keeping this family together.

Race Group

Saturday Endurance Race

NASA Arizona ends each year with a highly anticipated endurance race. Endurance races are a treat for racers as new components become part of the strategy to winning. With supplemental rules covering driver swaps, fueling, new penalties, and mechanical failure and repair, racers must educated themselves so as not to lose precious time caused be quick oversights. Over 30 drivers qualified to race, many with co-drivers ready to step in for a stint. With pit stops required it truly became a team event as every member had a responsibility in podium finishes. The teams felt the pressure as soon as the green flag dropped. Hours of racing would eventually come down to minutes in difference determining the overall and class winners. Pit crews and co-drivers waited anxiously to step in. Time flew by as the crowd watching immediate battles on track. Tom Haacker, Bob Blizzard, and Clay Koevary pushed eachother around the first laps trading places and forcing passes. Following closely was Chris Wilson who unfortunately bowed out early due to a vibration coming around the bowl on track. With so many highlights to mention be sure to look for new coverage from drivers during the off season. Congratulations to all of the drivers who participated and everyone is looking forward to next year.

Saturday Endurance Race Results


1st – Tom Haacker & Jim Slavik


1st – Eric Dayton & Taylor Wilson – #Hashtag Racing

2nd – Gabe Ortega & Mervin Tan – Team LBR

3rd – David Snyder


1st – Jim Richard & Erik Davis


1st – Simon Pavlick & Markos Mylonas – Oooohhh Mijo Racing

2nd – Jeff Wojnar & Rob Giorgio

3rd – Shawn Meze

Sunday Sprint Race

Super Unlimited

1st – Bob Blizzard

2nd – Michael Pinholster

3rd – Ed Charnock

Super Touring 2

1st – Martin Daszkal

Super Touring 3

1st – Erik Davis

2nd – Rob Capetz


1st – Justin Markiewicz

2nd – David Snyder


1st – Jim Richard


1st – Phil Buffington

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw

3rd – Martin Saltzman

Honda Challenge 2

1st – Tony Lisa

2nd – Team LBR

3rd – Eric Dayton

944 Spec

1st – Norm Hamden

2nd – Rob Giorgio

3rd – Kim Unger

Spec E30

1st – Allan Hauser

2nd – Kenneth Pearson

3rd – Michael Mihld

Lotus Group

Did you hear that? Listen closely. It’s a pack of Lotus’!! A special race group was set up at Chuckwalla for a great group of Lotus racecars to come out and tear up the track. Vehicles ranged from mild prep to Lotus Cup racecars. It was great to have this guest group out to complement NASA AZ at the season finale.

Lotus Group Saturday


1st – Larry Schnur

2nd – Mike Bryan

3rd – Duane Andrews


1st – Tom MacMillan


1st – Andrew Kern

2nd – Greg Nitzkowski


1st – Brent Bauman

2nd – Robb Bonanno

3rd – Mike Dean


1st – Scott Gibson

Lotus Group Sunday


1st – Larry Schnur

2nd – Mike Bryant

3rd – Duane Andrews


1st – Tom MacMillan


1st – Andrew Kern

2nd – Greg Nitzkowski


1st – Brent Bauman

2nd – Robb Bonanno

3rd – Eddie Park


1st – Scott Gibson

Time Trial Saturday

Anthony Szirka came out swinging on Saturday determined to continue his track record lineup and ran a 1:50.058 for a new class record. Chris Wilson, always perfecting his S2000 set a new TT1 record. Taylor Wilson took 1st place TT2 followed closely by David Stark. Clay Koevary running times competitive for TTU set a new TT3 record running a 1:55.711. Jeremy Renshaw followed closely behind for 2nd place TT3. No stranger to 1st place David Schotz ran a 2:01.557 in TTB. Justin Markiewicz ran a 2:05.457 for 1st Place TTC. Robert Rose won TTD with a 2:04.642. Simon Pavlick, as a warm up to the endurance race later in the day, ran a 2:14.217 for the TTE record and win.

Saturday Time Trial Results


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:50.058 – New Record!!

2nd – Travis Barnes – 2:12.609


1st – Chris Willson – 1:54.412 – New Record!!

2nd – Gary Felton – 1:59.121

3rd – Russell Whelan – 1:59.429


1st – Taylor Wilson – 2:04.506

2nd – David Stark – 2:05.441


1st – Clay Koevary – 1:55.711 – New Record!!

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:56.902

3rd – Erik Davis – 1:58.721


1st – David Schotz – 2:01.557

2nd – Harold Dunn – 2:06.330

3rd – Joel Schotz – 2:06.447


1st – Justin Markiewicz – 2:05.457

2nd – Carl Vandbaschut – 2:05.514

3rd – Jeff Abrams – 2:06.819


1st – Robert Rose – 2:04.642

2nd – Chris Ambrosio – 2:07.229

3rd – Jaryd Ronquillo – 2:08.016


1st – Simon Pavlick – 2:14.217 – New Record!!

2nd – Paul Bloomberg – 2:20.460

Time Trial Sunday

Anthony Szirka once again took the TTU win on Sunday. Oil pump issues would prevent him from bettering his Saturday time. Chris Wilson again won TT1 with Gary Felton following just seconds behind. Russell “I pop wheels” Whelan took 3rd place TT1. David Stark stepped up his time from Saturday and ran a 2:04.328 for the TT2 record. Erik Davis narrowly edged out Jeremy Renshaw in TT3 running a 1:57.309. David Schotz took a TTB record running a 2:01.152. Jeff Abrams ran consecutive 2:04 laps setting a new record in session one with a 2:04.070. Robert Rose took 1st Place 2:03.837 and a new class record in TTD.

Time Trial Results Sunday


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:54.428

2nd – Travis Barnes – 2:10.340

3rd – Jim Cozzolino – 2:10.639


1st – Chris Willson – 1:56.241

2nd – Gary Felton – 1:58.051

3rd – Russ Whelan – 1:59.356


1st – David Stark – 2:04.328 – New Record!!

2nd – Taylor Wilson – 2:07.545


1st – Erik Davis – 1:57.309

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:57.831

3rd – Robert Smithson – 2:01.143


1st – Dave Schotz – 2:01.152 – New Record!!

2nd – Jason Griepentrog – 2:06.061

3rd – William Dave Evans – 2:06.755


1st – Jeff Abrams – 2:03.781 – New Record!!

2nd – Carl Vandasschut – 2:05.152

3rd – Justin Markiewicz – 2:05.682


1st – Robert Rose – 2:03.704 – New Record!!

2nd – Jim Richard – 2:07.415

3rd – Noz Wijaya – 2:07.936


1st – Paul Bloomberg – 2:17.441

UMS Tuning Time Attack Series

Chuckwalla was less than friendly to our Time Attack drivers during the final event. Pushing to get the last points of the seasons drivers went all out in hopes of beating their components. Congratulations to everyone for a great season!

UMS Tuning Time Attack Results


1st – Justin Ryan

2nd – Mert Seckin


1st – Ravi Tomerlin

2nd – Jake Castro


1st – Jay Ronquillo

2nd – Aaron Hiar


Chuckwalla is the perfect track for HPDE drivers to progress their driving levels. With a great combination of elevation, varying turn styles, and new elements at no other track run within the region, drivers get a great opportunity to add new skills. Thank you to all of the HPDE drivers that came out for the final event of the season and we look forward to continuing to see the progress within the HPDE ranks.


“Anidas” Drag Race

A picture is worth a thousand words…

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Written and Edited By: Taylor “Dr. Koby D” Wilson

Photos by: Stiglitz Photo

Photos by: Adina Evanson


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