INDE Motorsports Ranch October

Inde Motorsports Ranch Recap

After a long summer break NASA Arizona was back to the track in October! Always a loved track, Inde Motorsports Ranch in Wilcox, Arizona was the destination and there was a great showing! The year is quickly coming to a close and with only two events left going into this competition both Time Trial and Racers showed up to earn their last minute points. Inde was also this year’s location for the annual Competition School for drivers looking to continue their advancement within the organization and move into wheel to wheel racing. With perfect race weather and amazing competition Inde was a success in every aspect!


Competition School

Inde Motorsports Ranch was the host of the 2013 NASA AZ Annual Competition School. Comp school is a two day course instructed by Tage Evanson and Gary Felton. During this course the students participate in a number of classroom sessions, as well as on track driving not only demonstrating their knowledge of NASA rules and regulations, but also their ability to handle the wheel to wheel environment. The group was made up of drivers ranging from HPDE3 experience levels to Time Trial veterans. When the course was completed, each of the students had passed both the written and driving tests and proved they were ready to race! We look forward to seeing each of the graduates in race group next season!

Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Steven Busler, Colin Elsberry, John Friesen, Kevin Gay, Tom Johnson, Nick Martin, Markos Mylonas, Jay Ronquillo, Dave Schutt, James Spadafore, Steve Williams, Taylor Wilson, and Jim Cozzolino.

Race Group

Saturday Sprint Race Results

Super Unlimited

1st – Robert Foster

2nd – Kyle Foster

3rd – Michael Pinholster

Super Touring 2

1st – Adrian Little

Super Touring 3

1st – Erik Davis


1st – Justin Markiewicz

2nd – David Snyder


1st – Barry Blyth

2nd – Jim Richard


1st – Jeremy Renshaw

Honda Challenge 2

1st – Jason Noel

2nd – Eric Dayton

3rd – Simon Pavlick

944 Spec

1st – Rob Giorgio

2nd – Jeff Wojnar

3rd – Norm Hamden

Sunday Sprint Race

With over 2 miles of track the sprint race was a combined group featuring every power group from competition vipers to 944 spec cars! The big bore cars flew down the straight as the green flag dropped entering turn 3 four cars wide! With minimal room Chris Willson found himself taking a quick detour around turn 3 and regaining momentum with the pack. Barry Blyth had a great start to the race followed closely by Jim Richard both in the PTD class. Towards the front, running completely unique chassis vehicles, Kyle Foster, Erik Davis, and Michael Pinholster showed each of their cars strengths running closely together until Kyle Foster showed the real power of his Viper on the runway all the way to turn 3. Jason Noel initially led the Honda Challenge field with the rest of the pack following closely behind. In 944 Spec, no driver was going to hand a win over. Norm Hamden, Rob Giorgio, and Jeff Wojnar pushed each of their cars to the limit running nose to tail. Working his way through the pack Chris Willson had a rock show as Michael Papworth dropped a few tires in turn 1 but managed to hang on to it for a great save. Pushing in the Honda Challenge pack Eric Dayton was working hard to pass Jason Noel while Norm Hamden stayed between them to dice it up. Coming around turn 2 Dayton got a great run on the straight for an attempted pass. Drafting both Noel and Dayton, Mervin Tan came out of nowhere for the double pass down the straight and forced the change in turn 3. Having already made one move out on Noel, Dayton was unable to make another to block Tan in the Team LBR Civic.

Sunday Combined Sprint Race Results

Super Unlimited

1st – Robert Foster

2nd – Michael Pinholster

3rd – Kyle Foster

Super Touring 1

1st – Chris Willson

Super Touring 3

1st – Erik Davis


1st – David Snyder

2nd – Justin Markiewicz


1st – Jim Richard

2nd – Barry Blyth


1st – Jeremy Renshaw

Honda Challenge 2

1st – Team LBR

2nd – Eric Dayton

3rd – Jason Noel

944 Spec

1st – Norm Hamden

2nd – Rob Giorgio

3rd – Jeff Wojnar

Porsche Vs Viper Video

Time Trial Saturday

Anthony Szirka has been dialing in the revamp on the UMS Racing Evo all year and has it worked or what?! Szirka pulled off a 1:37.007 on Saturday for the TT-U win. Gary Felton took the TT1 win with a 1:39.591 with Chris Willson just following with a 1:39.944 .  Taylor Wilson ran a 1:42.432 for 1st place TT2 with Justin Stevenson taking 2nd with a 1:43.157. Erik Davis ran a 1:40.319 in TT3 beating Jeremy Renshaw who closely followed with a 1:40.419. Jason Griepentrog took TTB with a 1:48.137. Jeff Abrams continued his TTC win count with a 1:47.828. Robert Rose won TTD with a 1:48.169. Nathan Welborne brought it home for TTE with a 1:52.803


Saturday Time Trial Results


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:37.007

2nd – Travis Barnes – 1:47.200

3rd – Jim Cozzolino – 1:48.018


1st – Gary Felton – 1:39.591

2nd – Chris Willson – 1:39.944

3rd – Ken Gerhart- 1:43.578


1st – Taylor Wilson – 1:42.432

2nd – Justin Stevenson – 1:43.157

3rd – David Stark – 1:44.403


1st – Erik Davis – 1:40.319

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:40.419

3rd – Sean Southland – 1:44.019


1st – Jason Griepentrog – 1:47.868

2nd – Joel Schotz – 1:48.479

3rd – John Milster – 1:50.720


1st – Jeff Abrams – 1:47.828

2nd – Justin Markiewicz – 1:49.321

3rd – Dan Zimmerman – 1:51.167


1st – Robert Rose – 1:48.169

2nd – Chris Ambrosio – 1:49.532

3rd – Jeff Wojnar – 1:52.295


1st – Nathan Welborne – 1:52.803

2nd – Paul Bloomberg – 1:56.732

Time Trial Sunday

As if Saturday times were not fast enough, records were picked off one at a time on Sunday. Anthony Szirka stepped it up and ran a 1:36.719 for the TTU record. Chris Willson again took TT1 with a 139.568. Taylor Wilson won TT2 with a 1:42.253. Erik Davis stole the TT3 record and win with a 1:39.132. David Schotz took a comfortable TTB win with a 1:44.263. Jeff Abrams took the TTC win by a full second and a new record with a 1:47.330. Robert Rose and Nathan Welborne also each won their respective classes once again.

Time Trial Results Sunday


1st – Anthony Szirka – 1:36.448 – New Record!

2nd – Travis Barnes – 1:49.206

3rd – Jim Cozzolino – 1:52.160


1st – Chris Willson – 1:39.568

2nd – Gary Felton – 1:40.571

3rd – Hunter Bennett- 1:42.833


1st – Taylor Wilson – 1:42.253

2nd – Justin Stevenson – 1:44.452

3rd – David Stark – 1:44.573


1st – Erik Davis – 1:39.132– New Record!

2nd – Jeremy Renshaw – 1:41.369

3rd – Adrian Little – 1:42.489


1st – Dave Schotz – 1:44.263

2nd – Jason Griepentrog – 1:47.938

3rd – Joel Schotz – 1:49.107


1st – Jeff Abrams – 1:47.330– New Record!

2nd – Justin Markiewicz – 1:48.344

3rd – Aaron Hiar – 1:49.798


1st – Robert Rose – 1:47.787

2nd – Chris Ambrosio – 1:49.636

3rd – Jeff Wojnar – 1:51.085


1st – Nathan Welborne – 1:50.856

2nd – Paul Bloomberg – 1:56.573

UMS Tuning Time Attack Series

UMS Tuning Time Attack had a small group and lots of track space making for perfect Time Attack conditions. Each competitor had ample track space to set down their best time possible. A head wind would prove inconvenient, though drivers had a great run none the less.


UMS Tuning Time Attack Results


1st – Taylor Wilson – 1:44.666

2nd – Russell Whelan – 1:45.496

3rd – Travis Barnes – 1:45.692


1st – Jeff Abrams – 1:48.912

2nd – Justin Markiewicz – 1:51.134

3rd – Eric Malsack – 1:52.895


1st – Aaron Hiar – 1:51.160

2nd – Jaryd Ronquillo – 1:52.115

3rd – Todd Hiar – 1:56.315


We always love to see the HPDE drivers make it to the out of town events. It really shows the commitment they have to improving their driving skills and enjoying the NASA AZ atmosphere. Thanks to all of the HPDE drivers for making the trek to Inde and enjoying their track time. We look forward to watching as each of the drivers advances in the levels of NASA AZ.


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Time Trial (points events/double points Sunday)

Race Group (Enduro and double points Saturday)

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Written and Edited By: Taylor “Dr. Koby D” Wilson

Photos by:  Adina Evanson and Jeremy Lopeman


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